Alleged Galaxy S9 box features variable aperture camera

At CES 2018, Samsung Mobileís CEO confirmed that the Galaxy S9 will be announced in February. No dates were mentioned, but itís safe to say that it could occur close to MWC 2018 which is towards the end of February. Of course details werenít shared, but he probably didnít have to thanks to a recently leaked photo.In a post on Reddit, a photo was shared in which it is allegedly the retail box for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Note that this is only for the S9 and not the S9+, but we expect that save for display size, both phones should be more or less identical. According to the box, the Galaxy S9 will feature dual pixel 12MP OIS cameras, an 8MP front-facing camera, 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage, stereo speakers tuned by AKG, and an IP68 certification which means it is both water and dust resistant.The box also claims that the phone will feature a 5.6-inch display with a QHD+ resolution. The handset will feature wireless charging, with the charging pad sold separately. However it seems that the Galaxy S9

Alleged Galaxy S9 box features variable aperture camera

The S9 will allegedly use f/1.5 in the dark, and f/2.4 when it gets brighter.

Fri 12 Jan 18 from Arstechnica

Samsung Galaxy S9 box leak hints at variable aperture camera

Sometimes leaks are obviously legitimate, and sometimes people go out of their way to dupe us with an elaborate hoax. And sometimes, you just can't call it -- say, when an image ...

Fri 12 Jan 18 from Engadget

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Retail Box Leaked

Fri 12 Jan 18 from Ubergizmo

Samsung Galaxy S9 box snapped revealing a seriously upgraded camera

The Galaxy S9 could have a variable aperture camera, stereo speakers and more if a leaked photo of the box is accurate.

Fri 12 Jan 18 from Techradar

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