Panasonicís latest Toughbook hides a surprisingly good computer under its rugged exterior

At first glance, Panasonicís latest Toughbook ó the Toughbook 33 ó looks a lot like every other Toughbook model out there. Rugged exterior, covered ports, bulky plastic design clearly meant more for durability than aesthetics. But the most impressive thing about the Toughbook isnít that itís as close to indestructible as a laptop can be, but rather that in addition to being incredibly durable, itís also still got specs that are just as good as any other high-end laptop on the market. Specs that are just as good as any other high-end laptop The Toughbook 33 is a 2-in-1 convertible, with a completely detachable 12-inch tablet featuring a 4K touchscreen offering some unique software features to allow it to function in rain or while... Continue reading…

Panasonicís Toughbook 33 is designed for extreme field work

Let's be real: The computers we use in our daily lives are too flimsy for seriously harsh environments like war zones or construction sites. For those who need machines that can ...

Thu 18 May 17 from Engadget

Panasonic reckons its Toughbook 33 is the most durable 2-in-1 laptop ever

A hybrid designed to survive even the most extreme working conditions.

Fri 19 May 17 from Techradar

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