Samsung rumored to resell Note 7 as 'Fandom Edition' phones - CNET

With Samsung having been forced to recall so many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets following reports of explosions, we’re sure many are wondering what they plan to do with them. It turns out that Samsung is planning on refurbishing them, presumably with batteries that don’t explode, and sell them.This is supposed to be a more environmentally-friendly solution compared to just discarding them. Now it has been suggested that the refurbished handset will be rebranded to the Galaxy Note 7R, with the R presumably standing for “refurbished”, but reports out of Korea (via Pocketnow) have suggested otherwise. Instead the phone is said to be rebranded as the Galaxy Note FE.Now you might be asking yourselves what does “FE” stand for? While Samsung has yet to officially state it, apparently the FE stands for “Fan Edition”, which suggests that maybe Samsung is targeting its more hardcore fanbase who wouldn’t mind forking out money for a refurbished handset that was involved in quite a big scandal last year.However like we

Samsung rumored to resell Note 7 as 'Fandom Edition' phones - CNET

A report claims that Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s under the name "Galaxy Note FE."

Thu 18 May 17 from CNET

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 to resurface next month as the Galaxy Note FE

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is nearly ready for its encore after unceremoniously being pulled from the market in September due to safety concerns.

Wed 17 May 17 from Techspot

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