Intercity travel will take to the sky in vertical mode

Vertical Aerospace is a British startup that has built and flown a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. As strange as it may seem, that doesn’t make them particularly unique in the year 2018; there is a surfeit of drone-helicopter hybrids being tested around the globe. What does make Vertical standout is the company’s more realistic approach to the utility of so-called “flying cars.” “we are trying to apply that to something that’s real world and is possible to execute four years out” The pilotless demonstrator aircraft weighs 750 kg (or around 1,600 pounds) and flew across Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire earlier this summer as part of the company’s first flight tests. Vertical Aerospace says it aims to... Continue reading…

Intercity travel will take to the sky in vertical mode

In the UK, the testing of a flying taxi made the news this week. We can set sight on a new day in vertical aerospace with the company of the same name. A full scale electric vertical take off ...

Tue 11 Sep 18 from TechXplore

Electric-powered 'air taxis' that fly at almost 200mph could be picking up passengers in four years

The 'flying taxi' service could offer short-haul, inter-city flights carrying multiple passengers using piloted aircraft, according to the founder of Bristol-based flying company Vertical ...

Mon 10 Sep 18 from Daily Mail

Bristol start-up launches UK's first electric 'flying taxi'

Sun 9 Sep 18 from Tech

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