Exoskeletons may be coming to a hardware store near you

As anyone who has stocked shelves in a big-box retail store knows, there's a lot of squatting and heavy lifting involved – injuries can and do occur. That's why hardware chain Lowe's has collaborated with Virginia Tech to create a new lift-assist exoskeleton for use by its employees. Four of the devices are currently being trialled at a Lowe's store in Christiansburg, Virginia... Continue Reading Exoskeletons may be coming to a hardware store near you Category: Good Thinking Tags: Ergonomic Exoskeleton Retail Virginia Tech Related Articles: Toyota gets elderly back on their feet with robotic brace Roam Robotics' lightweight, inexpensive exoskeleton for the masses New exoskeleton takes injury-prevention to the max Robo-Mate exoskeleton aims to lighten the load for industry Hyu

Lowe's exoskeletons help workers carry what you can't

Exoskeletons aren't just for shipyard workers or people with limited mobility. If Lowe's has its way, they'll help store staff fetch your giant bucket of paint. The home ...

Tue 16 May 17 from Engadget

Robotic Exosuits Help Workers Lift Heavy Loads

Mechanical exoskeletons help Lowe's workers lift and move heavy objects.

Mon 15 May 17 from Livescience

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