A US ally just shot down a $200 drone with a $3.4 million Patriot missile

Earlier this week, General David Perkins, the commander of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) spoke at the Association of the US Armyís Global Force symposium, where he discussed the threats that the US military would begin to face in the coming years. One notable example is how a US ally recently shot down a $200 consumer drone with a Patriot Missile. Perkinsí talk during the symposium focused on the complexity of a military organization in the field, and how the interconnected nature of air, ground, and sea forces can lead to a fragmented response to a threat between the commanders who are in charge of specific areas. He specifically spoke about the necessity for commanders to address threats holistically. He used one... Continue reading…

A US ally just shot down a $200 drone with a $3.4 million Patriot missile

The Patriot Missile System has been extensively upgraded throughout its 37 years of existence, but its original designers probably didn't foresee it being used to blast plastic quadcopters out ...

Thu 16 Mar 17 from Extremetech

US allies have used Patriot missiles to shoot down consumer drones

From focused radio waves and trained eagles to high-powered net launchers, law enforcement, military and security firms around the globe are actively exploring all sorts of ways to deal with ...

Wed 15 Mar 17 from Techspot

Toy drones don't stand a chance against a $3 million missile

A Patriot missile costs around $3 million. A commercial quadcopter? Let's say roughly $200. But which one would win on the battlefield? General David Perkins, Commander of the ...

Wed 15 Mar 17 from Engadget

Someone shot down a $200 drone with a $3m Patriot missile - CNET

"That quadcopter that cost 200 bucks from Amazon.com did not stand a chance against a Patriot," said a US General.

Wed 15 Mar 17 from CNET

Small drone 'shot with Patriot missile'

A US general says an American ally shot down a small quadcopter drone with a Patriot missile.

Wed 15 Mar 17 from BBC Technology

Missile worth $3m used to shoot down cheap Amazon drone 

Thu 16 Mar 17 from Telegraph.co.uk Tech

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