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Experts: Uber SUV's autonomous system should have seen woman

Two experts say video of a deadly crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle shows the sport utility vehicle's laser and radar sensors should have spotted a pedestrian, and computers should ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from

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Tooth-mounted sensor tracks what you eat

You've gotta watch what you eat and drink … but if you need a little help doing so, a new tooth-mounted antenna-like sensor could help. Designed by scientists at Tufts University ...

4 hours ago from Gizmag

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Uber Self-Driving Crash Calls Safety, Rules Into Question

Video of a fatal pedestrian crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle that some experts say exposes flaws in autonomous vehicle technology is prompting calls to slow down testing on public ...

14 hours ago from

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Jaguar Land Rover Starts Testing Self-Parking Valet Technology

Autonomous cars are widely believed to be the future of mobility and while we’re still a long way from cars that are truly capable of safely driving us from point a to point b without ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from Ubergizmo

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Video Shows Self-Driving Uber Inaction in Pedestrian Death

A self-driving Uber accident that killed a homeless woman represents a somber milestone in the development of self-driving car technologies. Now a video of the accident may raise more questions ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from Discover Magazine

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Nissan not changing autonomous drive tests over Uber crash

Nissan's chief planning officer said Friday the Japanese automaker does not plan to change its road tests for self-driving vehicles after the recent fatal accident of an Uber autonomous vehicle.

14 hours ago from

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Microarray rapid test speeds up detection during a Legionella pneumophila outbreak

In an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, finding the exact source as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further infections. To date, a standard analysis takes days. Researchers at ...

11 hours ago from

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Crash marks first death involving fully autonomous vehicle

A fatal pedestrian crash involving a self-driving Uber SUV in a Phoenix suburb could have far-reaching consequences for the new technology as automakers and other companies race to be the first ...

Tue 20 Mar 18 from

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Real-life Iron Man Richard Browning flies his Gravity jet suit up Europe's longest zip line

Personal Flight pioneer and real-life Iron Man Richard Browning has found an innovative way to speed-test the aerodynamics of his Gravity jet suit. He's been flying up and down Europe's ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from Gizmag

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Researchers pilot system using electrodialysis to produce safe drinking water

The demand for cost-effective desalination is increasing with the growing population and the need for safe drinking water, driving continuous innovation in the sector. REvivED water, a pilot ...

Thu 22 Mar 18 from

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