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Tesla Autopilot is steering towards lane dividers again

Reddit user Beastpilot drives down a freeway in Seattle as part of his afternoon commute. Last year, only days after a fatal accident in similar circumstances, BP noticed that his own Model ...

8 hours ago from Techspot

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New low-profile ankle exoskeleton fits under clothes for potential broad adoption

A new lightweight, low-profile and inexpensive ankle exoskeleton could be widely used among elderly people, those with impaired lower-leg muscle strength and workers whose jobs require substantial ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from TechXplore

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Boeing May Be About to Lose a $5 Billion Order for Its 737 Max Planes

An airline in Indonesia just became the first in the world to try and cancel its order for Boeing’s Max planes in the wake of the two deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia within the past ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from Gizmodo

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Sensor can monitor wiring in a building or ship, and signal when repairs are needed

A new system devised by researchers at MIT can monitor the behavior of all electric devices within a building, ship, or factory, determining which ones are in use at any given time and whether ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from TechXplore

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Volvo In-Car Camera Aims to Cut DUI Driving, Distraction in 2020s

Cameras, sensors would know when to warn, then slow or stop distracted drivers. Some would be drunks, others tired or just not paying attention. Such a car might get an insurance discount. The ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from Extremetech

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Bloodhound: Land speed record car is relaunched

The Bloodhound supersonic car is back and preparing to renew its pursuit of the land speed record.

Thu 21 Mar 19 from BBC News

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Low-cost and energy efficient recording of biodiversity soundscapes

An international team of researchers has built a new sensor network that can monitor two crucial activities, namely biodiversity, or the variety of life, in a particular habitat or ecosystem, ...

Thu 21 Mar 19 from

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What oil leaves behind in 2.5 billion gallons of water every day in US

About 2.5 billion gallons of produced water, a byproduct from the oil refinery and extraction process, is generated each day in the United States.

Wed 20 Mar 19 from

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