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New tech puts virtual sense of touch at our fingertips

Garrett Anderson has never known the pleasure of holding hands with both his children at the same time.

Thu 21 Nov 19 from

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The Hyundai Vision T concept has lots of angles and a lit-up grille - Roadshow

The plug-in SUV is a close preview of the next-gen Tucson.

Thu 21 Nov 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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US probe faults Uber, human error in self-driving car crash

A US investigation into the death of a pedestrian struck by a self-driving Uber car faulted driver inattention along with "inadequate" safety measures implemented by the company.

Wed 20 Nov 19 from TechXplore

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Structures near airports increase risk of airplane-goose collisions

From mid-November 2015 through February 2016, scientists used GPS transmitters to track the movements of Canada geese near Midway International Airport in Chicago. They discovered that—in the ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from

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The US Military Needs Right-to-Repair Legislation to Fix Its Own Broken Equipment

JLTV CRTC BOLIO OSHKOSH CHAINS TIRES X-COUNTRY DEC 14 2016 SCENIC TWIN LAKES TRAIL WINDY RIDGE You would think the US military would have the ability ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from Extremetech

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Pirelli Designs 5G ‘Cyber Tire’ That Reports on Road Conditions

Your next car might have its own 5G connection, and tire-maker Pirelli wants to take advantage of that to make roads safer. The post Pirelli Designs 5G ‘Cyber ...

Wed 20 Nov 19 from Extremetech

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Smart buildings face challenges but have plenty of potential

We often hear the word "smart" applied to everyday objects: smartphones, smart TVs, smart appliances—and now, smart buildings.

Wed 20 Nov 19 from TechXplore

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Israeli radar sensor firm Vayyar Imaging raises $109 million

Vayyar Imaging, an Israeli provider of radar imaging sensor technology, said on Wednesday it raised $109 million in a financing round led by Koch Disruptive Technologies, bringing its total ...

Wed 20 Nov 19 from Reuters Technology

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Predicting people's driving personalities

Self-driving cars are coming. But for all their fancy sensors and intricate data-crunching abilities, even the most cutting-edge cars lack something that (almost) every 16-year-old with a learner's ...

Tue 19 Nov 19 from TechXplore

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Tunnel vision for delivery vehicles could cut pollution

Decarbonizing vans that carry Internet-ordered deliveries: if it is a good idea then why not? A company's effort in the UK to do so might show the rest of the world that this is the way to go ...

12 hours ago from TechXplore

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