Tesla Model Y preorders are now live (page 4)

Tesla is now taking preorders on its website for its newly unveiled Model Y, an all-electric crossover SUV and the company’s fifth electric car. The company unveiled the Model Y at an event outside Los Angeles Thursday evening. The long range Model Y will come first in the fall of 2020, and will have a range of 300 miles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said. Tesla will also sell an all-wheel-drive dual motor version for $51,000, and a performance version for $60,000— both of which will also be available in fall 2020. The cheaper, standard range version with a range of 230 miles won’t be available until 2021, Musk said, and will sell for $39,000. You can preorder all versions of the Model Y except the standard range. This follows... Continue reading…

Tesla Model Y preorders are now live

Fri 15 Mar 19 from The Verge

At a quick Los Angeles event, Tesla announces the 300-mile-range Model Y

The SUV will seat 7 and be a successor to the Model 3.

Fri 15 Mar 19 from Arstechnica

The Tesla Model Y is a 300-mile range Model 3 doppelganger coming in fall 2020

The Tesla Model 3 has a doppelganger. After years of teasers and hints, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally unveiled the Model Y, a mid-sized all-electric vehicle that will start at $39,000 and is slated ...

Fri 15 Mar 19 from TechCrunch

Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover

To say Tesla has been busy lately is a bit of an understatement. It finally opened orders for its long-awaited $35,000 Standard Range Model 3, it reversed a decision to shutter some ...

Fri 15 Mar 19 from Engadget

Tesla Model Y: Elon Musk's latest electric vehicle is almost here

Tesla is just hours away from unveiling its Model Y, a small SUV.

Thu 14 Mar 19 from CNN

Watch Tesla unveil its Model Y crossover at 11PM ET

Tesla will reveal the Model Y later today, and you'll be able to watch the announcement as it happens. A live stream will be available on Tesla's website starting at 11PM ...

Thu 14 Mar 19 from Engadget

Smart Devices for Teaching an Old House New Tricks

Add convenience and energy-saving perspective to your home with these intelligent gadgets.

Fri 22 Mar 19 from Wired Tech


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