Cops Raid Suspected Pot House, Find Cryptomining Operation Instead (page 2)

Former marshland in Sydney has been transformed into the new Green Square Library and Plaza, a striking project that’s not only revitalizing one of the city’s oldest industrial areas but is also a shining beacon for sustainability. Designed by Sydney-based architecture and urban design practice Stewart Hollenstein in association with Stewart Architecture, the Green Square project features a semi-submerged underground library with a plaza on top. Energy efficiency drove the design as well, from the numerous skylights that let in natural light to the library’s low-energy displacement ventilation system engineered by Arup.[...]

Cops Raid Suspected Pot House, Find Cryptomining Operation Instead

Over the past several years, thermal imaging cameras have become a trusted tool in the war on drugs. That’s logical enough, right? The combination of aircraft and infrared is a great way ...

Wed 13 Feb 19 from

NY House Designed to Slow Aging and ‘Extend Lifespan’ of Residents For Sale for $1.5 Million

A house in East Hampton on Long Island, New York that was designed to slow down aging, extend the lives of those dwelling in it, and “defeat mortality,” is on the market for […] The ...

Thu 7 Feb 19 from

Can architecture help you live forever?

Seven figures buy you eternal life (or the epitome of New Age pseudoscience) in East Hampton, New York. Can architecture be conducive to eternal life? The Egyptians certainly believed so–but ...

Fri 15 Feb 19 from Fastcompany Tech

Sunrise Movement Call Incites Supporters Of Green New Deal To Make Climate Crisis A Visible, Crucial Political Issue #CleanTechnica Exclusive

The Sunrise Movement outlined a method to gain support for the Green New Deal prior to a Senate vote expected around February

Fri 15 Feb 19 from CleanTechnica

Breaking News: Mitch McConnell To Bring Green New Deal to Senate Vote — Join Emergency Sunrise Movement Call Tonight!

The Sunrise Movement is planning action to fight back against Mitch McConnell and the fossil fuel billionaires. Join in!

Wed 13 Feb 19 from CleanTechnica

A dilapidated garage transforms into an industrial-chic micro home

Vilnius-based IM Interior has proven once again that great design doesn't need a lot of space. The architects recently revamped an old garage in the Lithuanian capital into a stunning micro ...

Wed 13 Feb 19 from Inhabitat

The Laughable Ocasio-Cortez’ New Green Deal goes AWOL from the Internet

Sometimes, something is just so over-the-top stupid, that you have to disappear it. That’s what has happened to Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her “New Green ...

Sun 10 Feb 19 from Watts Up With That?

A prefab home in Sydney celebrates indoor-outdoor living

Constructed in a Melbourne factory in just 12 weeks, this elegant, prefab home in Sydney offers indoor-outdoor living without compromising thermal comfort. First designed by Sydney-based architectural ...

Fri 8 Feb 19 from Inhabitat


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