Tesla releases track mode and a new key fob for the Model 3

With major production hurdles looking more like they’re in the rearview mirror, Tesla is starting to roll out small updates for the now tens of thousands of Model 3 owners in North America. One of the stranger decisions Tesla made with the lower-cost Model 3 sedan was to give owners just two ways to unlock the car’s doors: with a credit card-sized key or with their smartphones. But the company has changed course and, Friday, started selling a $150 Model 3-shaped key fob on its website. (The key fob quickly sold out. We’ve asked Tesla when they’ll be back in stock, and will update when we hear back.) The Model 3 key fob is different from the ones for the Model S and X in more than just its specific shape. It also doesn’t allow for... Continue reading…

Tesla's Model 3 Key Fob arrives without 'passive entry' feature

We knew a Tesla Model 3 key fob was coming thanks to an FCC application, now it's available to buy via the EV-maker's website for $150. Or at least it was -- the sleek, black ...

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Engadget

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