CitroŽn goes motorcycle camping with Jumper Biker camper van

When it introduced the exquisitely retro Type H WildCamp, CitroŽn teased that it had a second debut in store for this year's DŁsseldorf Caravan Salon. We assumed it was saving it for the show, but we're still over a week out, and it's detailed the new Jumper Biker Solution. Far more modern than the WildCamp, but even more adventurous, this van loads two bikes with a built-in winch system and still manages to sleep and feed up to four people at camp. If that isn't versatile enough, it can also be emptied out and used as a cargo van. .. Continue Reading CitroŽn goes motorcycle camping with Jumper Biker camper van Category: Automotive Tags: Campervan Camping Citroen Dusseldorf Caravan Salon Motorcycle Motorhome Motorhomes Outdoor

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