Make room, Mario: Nintendo knows the Switch needs more partnerships like Fortnite

Earlier this year Nintendo unveiled the Labo. It does feel a tad niche and we’re sure that there are some who are questioning the company’s decision. However it seems that the Labo has actually done pretty well, or at least well enough according to Nintendo’s standards. This is according to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime who spoke to Forbes.When asked if the Labo has met the company’s expectations, he replied in the affirmative. “So it’s absolutely met our expectations, and to put this in perspective, we see Nintendo Labo as a title and a platform that will sell for extended periods of time, much like we experienced with Brain Age on the DS or Wii Fit on the original Wii.”For those who are unfamiliar with the Labo, these are basically a set of DIY kits made out of cardboard that can be put together and paired with the Nintendo Switch. From there users can program it to do a variety of things. For example we’ve seen how some users have turned the Labo into a controller for an electric wh

Make room, Mario: Nintendo knows the Switch needs more partnerships like Fortnite

Nintendo pulled off a huge turnaround with the Switch. Here's what's up next.

Tue 12 Jun 18 from The Washington Post

Nintendo doesn’t think Labo has reached its full potential yet

Back in April, Nintendo launched a bold new initiative called Labo. A collection of DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch, Labo was designed primarily to reach brand-new audiences ...

Tue 19 Jun 18 from The Verge

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Get a Nintendo Labo Robot Kit for $55.99 - CNET

Normally $80, this Nintendo Switch add-on will "unlock kids' real-world creativity."

Thu 14 Jun 18 from CNET

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Thu 14 Jun 18 from Engadget

Here's a $20 arcade cabinet made of cardboard and a Switch

Where Nintendo goes, others follow. Off the back of Nintendo's popular Labo cardboard kits, accessory maker Nyko has concocted its own cardboard creation -- the PixelQuest ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Engadget

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Thu 14 Jun 18 from CNET


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