No, North Korea (probably) won’t nuke the US territory of Guam

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen   The New York Times seems to be running short of environmental journalists.  Its latest salvo in the attempt to keep climate change at the forefront of American minds was written by Mike Ives.  “Who?”  you ask. Mike Ives,  a freelance (?) correspondent out of Hong Kong who “started out…

North Korea has produced a miniaturised and missile-ready nuclear warhead, say US analysts

North Korea is said to be able to produce a miniaturised warhead that can fit inside the kind of missiles it has recently been testing and which analysts believe could reach the US mainland.

Tue 8 Aug 17 from The Independent

How Well Do You Know Guam?

Fri 11 Aug 17 from National Geographic

North Korea's miniaturized nuclear warheads were a long time coming

Military It shouldn't be a surprise that the country's nuclear program is meeting its goals. All evidence points to North Korea having the nuclear capabilities it says it ...

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Popular Science

North Korea Threatens Guam: Facts About the US Territory

North Korea recently threatened the tiny U.S. territory of Guam, but what is the history of this island, and what is its strategic importance?

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Livescience

Fire and Fury: How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

While a nuclear attack by North Korea would be horrific, there are still things emergency responders can to do prepare for such an event.

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Livescience

Guam Threatened?

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Watts Up With That?

Using Cyberattacks To Stop North Korean Nukes Not Easy, Experts Warn

The country’s isolation from the rest of the world makes it difficult for hackers and malware to invade the nuclear program. President Trump warned Tuesday that future threats to the ...

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Fastcompany Tech

Trump's North Korea Nuclear Rhetoric Creates a Real Danger

Donald Trump's loose rhetoric toward nuclear weapons and North Korea could spell major trouble.

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Wired Security

North Korea's Miniature Nuke Spells Big Trouble For the World

Now that North Korea can miniaturize a nuke, it's time to tread very, very carefully.

Tue 8 Aug 17 from Wired Security


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