Formula E Comes to Brooklyn

Race fans are preconditioned to enjoy watching things explode into tiny bits. It’s built into their DNA. And while this weekend’s all-electric Formula E race in New York City was unfortunately lacking in high-speed smashups, fans in attendance got to see a much rarer and more spectacular accident: a drone totally biting it on the racetrack. Drone operators have been drag racing cars for a while now as a way to highlight the acceleration, speed, and agility of these aerial gadgets. So on the surface, a matchup between a Formula E car and the Titan Grand Prix Racing Organization’s GFD1 drone seemed like the perfect way to cap off this weekend’s high-speed extravaganza. The drone-car drag race was billed as a “best out of three”... Continue reading…

Formula E Comes to Brooklyn

Mon 17 Jul 17 from IEEE Spectrum

Why Formula E Is the Auto Racing Series of the Future

The first NYC auto race unfolded quietly in Brooklyn, but not as quietly as you'd expect for electric cars. Curious? Here's everything you need to know about Formula E. The post Why Formula ...

Tue 18 Jul 17 from Extremetech

With engines whirring, electric car racing comes to Brooklyn

NEW YORK (AP) -- The roar of the engine was replaced by a furious whirring as the future of motorsports came to Brooklyn....

Sun 16 Jul 17 from AP

With engines whirring, electric car racing comes to Brooklyn, Sun 16 Jul 17 from AP

With Engines Whirring, Electric Car Racing Comes to Brooklyn, Sun 16 Jul 17 from Voice of America

Roborace DevBot learns during laps in NYC

 The sleek, low-slung driverless Roborace car was on display in New York City for the Formula E races this weekend, but it was the workhorse DevBot that took to the track. You can recognize ...

Sun 16 Jul 17 from TechCrunch

Honda Civic Type R looks even more badass in touring car form - Roadshow

Anyone have racecar money sitting around that they want to loan me?

Fri 14 Jul 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Fox broadcasts Formula E's historic NYC races starting July 15th

Formula E is about to make history by bringing racing back to New York City, and you'll have plenty of chances to tune in... though it's not always live. Fox Sports (the ...

Thu 13 Jul 17 from Engadget

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