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Supermarkets welcome cold-comfort edge of F1 aerofoils

UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group, has collaborated with UK-based Aerofoil Energy to develop an aerodynamic device ...

8 hours ago from

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Seattle building tops its green goals, makes energy to spare

When the Bullitt Center opened in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood two years ago, the six-story office building was hailed as one of the greenest on the planet.

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Trained falcon teaches a radar system to distinguish birds from other targets

A trained falcon named Houdini darts and soars next to a wind power plant in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies, gathering radar data that could someday save the lives of his avian brethren.

Thu 23 Apr 15 from

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Switzerland to test drone postal deliveries

Switzerland's postal service is to start testing deliveries by drone, a spokesman for Swiss Post said Sunday.

Sun 19 Apr 15 from

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The Event is poised to become China's first homegrown electric sports car

Tesla may be turning heads in the US with its small fleet of electric vehicles but in China, EV enthusiasts’ eyes are focused on what could be the country’s first homegrown electric ...

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Techspot

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Drivers want new safety technology, but it will cost them

Drivers want more collision-prevention technology in their cars, but there is a limit to how much they will pay.

Wed 22 Apr 15 from

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EU approves more GM food as row simmers

The European Union has authorized the use of more genetically modified food and feed amid a row over whether EU member states should be able to independently ban certain GM products.

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Poison ivy, oak and sumac rashes can be serious

(HealthDay)—Itchy, blistering rashes from poison ivy, oak and sumac are common and are caused by an oil in the plants called urushiol.

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Medical Xpress

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MIT Invention Turns Salt Water Into Drinking Water Using Solar Power

From plants to people, every living thing on this planet needs water. But getting enough to survive, and survive comfortably, that can be a little tricky. Just look at the…

Thu 23 Apr 15 from Popular Science

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Japan has floating solar power plants in Hyogo Prefecture

Kyocera is in the news this month. Two floating solar power plants in two reservoirs in Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, are complete. This is a joint venture. The two players are Kyocera ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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