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Study shows forward osmosis desalination not energy efficient

In a recent study published in the Journal of Membrane Science, MIT professor John Lienhard and postdoc Ronan McGovern, both of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, reported that, contrary ...

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Sainsbury's supermarket to be powered entirely by its own food waste

It's an unfortunate fact that every day around the world, supermarkets throw out tons of food that has spoiled before it could be purchased. While it would be best if that spoilage could be ...

17 hours ago from Gizmag

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Offshore wind farms become magnets for hungry seals

Animals are drawn to prey that gather around these structures

Tue 22 Jul 14 from Science Now

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The geography of the global electronic waste burden

As local and national governments struggle to deal with ever-growing piles of electronic waste (or "e-waste"), scientists are now refining the picture of just how much there is and where it ...

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EU sets new energy savings target at 30%

After months of tough negotiations, the European Commission recommended Wednesday a new energy savings target of 30 percent so as to combat climate change and ensure self-sufficiency.

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Google offers big prize for small power box

Google is offering a million-dollar prize for a breakthrough that would make solar or wind generated electricity more enticing for everyday uses.

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Sponge-like structure generates steam using lowest concentration of solar energy yet

Researchers working at MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering claim to have produced a sponge-like substance that helps convert water to steam using sunlight one-hundredth as bright as that ...

Tue 22 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts

Fuelled by venture capital and a lot of hope, alternative fusion technologies are heating up.

Wed 23 Jul 14 from Nature News

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Tesla's gigafactory could make electric cars rival gas cars

The massive lithium-ion battery plant is slated to open in 2017 and is said to bring down the battery cost per kWh by 30 percent.

12 hours ago from CNET

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NIST develops prototype meter test for hydrogen refueling stations

To support the fair sale of gaseous hydrogen as a vehicle fuel, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a prototype field test standard to test ...

Tue 22 Jul 14 from

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