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Would you trade your ute for a Cybertruck? Tesla boss Elon Musk hopes so

At a cyberpunk-themed event in Los Angeles, Tesla founder Elon Musk claimed the ute's "ultra-hard" exterior "won't scratch and dent". It did. ...

13 hours ago from ABC Science

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Elon Musk unveils Tesla's 'cybertruck' an electric pickup truck

Tesla has revealed its latest electric vehicle, which is an electric pickup truck. Whilst showing how tough the windows are, the firm's chief designer accidentally smashed two of them

11 hours ago from Newscientist

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Lexus embarks on its electric journey with UX 300e - Roadshow

This is the first EV from the luxury brand, but it's not for America.

4 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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How heat from the sun could help clean up steel and cement

Serial entrepreneur Bill Gross has launched a new solar thermal venture, designed to cut climate emissions from industrial heat.

Tue 19 Nov 19 from MIT Technology Review

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Researchers visualize bacteria motor in first step toward human-produced electrical energy

Humans, one day, may be able to produce their own electrical energy in the same way electric eels do, according to a research team based in Japan. It's the ultimate goal that begins with understanding ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from

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Bacteria help make low-calorie sugar

Imagine a sugar that has only 38 percent of the calories of traditional table sugar, is safe for diabetics, and will not cause cavities. Now add that this dream sweetener is not an artificial ...

9 hours ago from

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Can photonic chips save Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are famously energy hungry. So some researchers say the answer is a more energy-efficient form of computing.

Thu 21 Nov 19 from MIT Technology Review

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Big plans to save the planet depend on nanoscopic materials improving energy storage

The challenge of building an energy future that preserves and improves the planet is a massive undertaking. But it all hinges on the charged particles moving through invisibly small materials.

Thu 21 Nov 19 from TechXplore

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Grid reliability under climate change may require more power generation capacity

A new analysis from university-based and national laboratory researchers applied a new modeling approach for long-term electricity generation infrastructure planning that considers future climate ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from TechXplore

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Solar-powered trains could make rail transport greener

Solar panels are connected directly to the line

7 hours ago from The Economist

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