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Fire at giant Apple plant in Arizona quickly controlled

A fire at a huge plant owned by tech giant Apple Inc. in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa caused a section of the roof to collapse, but no one was hurt.

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Audi R8 e-tron: super-fast electric concept sports car can drive itself

Audi has revealed a new, super slick electronic super car that can drive itself.

17 hours ago from The Independent

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Ford expands pay-per-minute car sharing service in London, rebrands as GoDrive

Ford has been testing a small car-sharing service across the pond in London called City Driving On-Demand. The operation, which allows customers to “rent” vehicles for in-city commutes ...

16 hours ago from Techspot

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Successful Kickstarter project Neurio now delivering home electricity sensing

At the end of 2013, a group of people calling itself Energy Aware, launched a Kickstarter project for a device they had created called Neurio—an electricity sensor that connects to a home's ...

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Preventing hydropower turbine failure

The Francis turbine is the most common type of water turbine used in Norwegian hydropower plants, and has been for many years. About half of the world's Francis turbines are found in Norwegian ...

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Biofuels regime failing to meet its objectives under current regulatory framework

The European Union (EU) regulatory framework for biofuels has the potential to address its climate, energy and environmental objectives, but only if carefully tailored and effectively implemented, ...

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Kinetic Pavement Pavegen Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

As we go about our daily lives and walk to work, walk to school, walk to the subway, walk to the restaurant, there's a lot of kinetic energy that could be potentially harnessed for the greater ...

23 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Using recovery methods, oil production in Mexico would increase by nearly 800 thousand barrels per day

Mexico has a wide range of oil fields; however, most of them are mature, which makes it difficult to maintain oil production. Therefore, advanced and improved recovery methods should be implemented ...

21 hours ago from

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Qualcomm, Daimler To Develop Wireless In-Car Charging Solutions

For users looking to charge their smartphones while they're driving, they'd have to buy a in-car charger and in turn plug the charging cable into their device. It's a pretty convenient solution ...

22 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Bus sets speed record, runs on biomethane compressed natural gas

Reading Buses in the UK has pulled off a successful land speed world record for a regular service bus. After several practice laps, the bus made news as it completed a track run in 76.785 mph. ...

Mon 25 May 15 from

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