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'Double-duty' electrolyte enables new chemistry for longer-lived batteries

( —Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a new and unconventional battery chemistry aimed at producing batteries that last longer than ...

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FTC comes to Tesla's defense, warns states not to shut down retail sales

Tesla's ongoing battle for the right to sell its electric cars directly to consumers is one that's currently being waged with individual US states. But that's not stopping the Federal ...

55 minutes ago from The Verge

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UK team to shoot for fusion record

The director of a UK science facility says it could set a new world record in nuclear fusion by the end of the decade.

13 hours ago from BBC News

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Fetal Tissue Used To Power Oregon Homes

(PORTLAND, Ore.) — An Oregon county commission has ordered an incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste to generate electricity after learning the waste it’s been burning may include ...

7 hours ago from TIME

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A Silent, Hybrid Motorcycle For The U.S. Military

BRD RedshiftMX Electric Bike The silent hybrid will likely be built from this body. BRD Key to many a successful military assault is the element of surprise. If an attacking force can ...

5 hours ago from Popular Science

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Every Trunk Needs a Backup Phone Battery That Can Jumpstart Your Car

By now there are countless backup batteries on the market that promise to revive a dead smartphone when there's no power outlet in sight. But the JUMPR promises to be there for another thing ...

6 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Smart Wind and Solar Power

Big data and artificial intelligence are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that will make it feasible to integrate much more renewable energy into the grid.

Wed 23 Apr 14 from MIT Technology Review

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Philips SlimStyle LED earns Energy Star certification

The energy efficient, flat-shaped bulb will now retail for less than $4 in many parts of the US, and for as little as $1.97 in at least one market.

9 hours ago from CNET

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Solar-powered two-seat Sunseeker airplane has progress report

( —Years ago, the idea of an airplane flying "clean" on the sun's energy seemed like wishful thinking and at the most a project for the casual hobbyist to dream on. No longer a dream, ...

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Aton-Impulse's beefy Viking 2992 amphibian

This no-nonsense Russian seven-seater looks like a grenade-proof apocalyptic off-roader that happily handles river and lake crossings, but behind its muscular looks hides a surprisingly meek ...

Tue 22 Apr 14 from Gizmag

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