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Nerf Nitro Blasters Are Guns That Shoot Cars! No, as Ammunition.

Hasbro’s been doing some cool stuff with Nerf. They just launched a line of sniper guns with darts designed to corkscrew-like bullets, they have three themed lines of weapons for fighting ...

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Kreisel and Schwarzenegger? reveal 483-hp, 190-mile all-electric G-Class

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class isn't really the first vehicle to come to mind when it comes to "green vehicles," especially with the hulking G 63 AMG 6x6 and G500 4x4 Squared variants lurking ...

12 hours ago from Gizmag

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Novel wind turbine flaps like a hummingbird

(Tech Xplore)—A Tunisian company called Tyer Wind has released details of a new type of wind turbine they have developed that is based on what the company describes as 3-D Aouinian kinematics—a ...

6 hours ago from TechXplore

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Scientists lay foundations for new type of solar cell

An interdisciplinary team of researchers has laid the foundations for an entirely new type of photovoltaic cell. In this new method, infrared radiation is converted into electrical energy using ...

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Paris tests electric driverless minibus to fight pollution

In a city hit by chronic pollution and traffic problems, Paris officials are experimenting with a self-driving shuttle linking two train stations in the French capital.

Mon 23 Jan 17 from

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Faraday Future hit with $1.8M post-reveal lawsuit, takes threats to Twitter - Roadshow

The lawsuit alleges Faraday Future isn't paying its bills, while Faraday claims on social media that the plaintiff failed to comply with a contractual obligation.

3 hours ago from CNET

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The future is now for robot cars

The prospect of self-driving vehicles has tantalized tech aficionados and car lovers for years, especially when there are industry rumblings that automation is on the cusp of a breakthrough.

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Crop achilles' heel costs farmers 10 percent of potential yield

Scientists assumed leaves at the top of a plant would be the best at turning higher levels of light into carbohydrates—through the process of photosynthesis—while the lower shaded leaves would ...

Mon 23 Jan 17 from

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University Of California Irvine Goes Electric With 20 BYD Buses

The University of California Irvine announced that it is acquiring 20 electric buses from BYD for a cool $15 million to electrify its campus shuttle service, the Anteater Express. University ...

6 hours ago from CleanTechnica

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A Nuclear Energy Company Wants to Build America’s First Small Modular Reactor

It's the first time a commercial power plant has submitted an application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build a small modular reactor.

56 minutes ago from Discovery News

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