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Toyota, Panasonic announce venture for green auto batteries

Toyota Motor Corp. and Panasonic Corp. say they are setting up a joint venture to research, manufacture and sell batteries for ecological autos, an increasingly lucrative sector amid concerns ...

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Uber developing self driving bikes and scooters that automatically return to their charging stations

The firm is already hiring engineers for the project, which is calls 'micromobility'. Uber hopes it can avoid the problem of dumped scooters and bikes that have plagued current services.

14 hours ago from Daily Mail

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North Sea rocks could act as large-scale renewable energy stores

Rocks in the seabed off the UK coast could provide long-term storage locations for renewable energy production, new research suggests.

17 hours ago from TechXplore

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Dim the lights for some natural pollination

Even a bit of darkness has ecological as well as environmental benefits, research suggests. Nick Carne reports.

20 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Tesla Cleared To Deliver Model 3 In Europe

After Tesla allowed customers in left-hand drive countries across Europe to order the Model 3 it seemed that the company would soon win approval to sell its cars across the continent. That ...

14 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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'Destroyer of worlds' uncovered as Soviet nuclear bunkers reveal their secrets

The Soviet Union left a chilling legacy of the Cold War dotted across Poland – bunkers that once housed nuclear warheads hidden deep in the nation’s forests.

16 hours ago from FOXNews

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China's Lishen says has not signed agreement with Tesla on supplying batteries

China's Tianjin Lishen said on Tuesday it has not signed any agreement with Tesla Inc on supplying batteries to the U.S. electric vehicle maker's Shanghai factory.

19 minutes ago from Reuters Technology

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Scientists discover new 'architecture' in corn

New research on the U.S.'s most economically important agricultural plant—corn—has revealed a different internal structure of the plant than previously thought, which can help optimize how corn ...

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Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy

A recent study affiliated with UNIST has developed a system that produces electricity and hydrogen (H2) while eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2), the main contributor of global warming. This breakthrough ...

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Ducati Confirms That Their Electric Bike Is Coming

While electric cars are starting to become more commonplace, the same can’t really be said for electric bikes. However there some bike makers such as Harley-Davidson who are trying their hand ...

Sun 20 Jan 19 from Ubergizmo

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