Woodland hawks flock to urban buffet

Researchers document that woodland hawks -- once in precipitous decline due to pollution, persecution and habitat loss -- have become firmly established in even the starkest urban environments, thriving primarily on a diet of backyard birds attracted to feeders.

Woodland hawks flock to urban buffet

For the nearly 35 million Americans who faithfully stock their feeders to attract songbirds, an increasingly common sight is a hawk feeding on the birds being fed.

Tue 6 Nov 18 from Phys.org

Woodland hawks flock to urban buffet, Wed 7 Nov 18 from ScienceDaily

Woodland hawks flock to cities, research reveals. Other wildlife is doing the same

For hawks, the secret is out: The big city has a lot of food to offer.

Thu 8 Nov 18 from ZME Science

Big city birdfeeders are being overrun by hawks feasting on on songbirds

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers say hawks have soared in numbers as more people in big cities feed songbirds in their backyard.

Wed 7 Nov 18 from Daily Mail

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