While We Worry About Honeybees, Other Pollinators Are Disappearing

If the quintessential ecological battle cry of the seventies was “Save The Whales,” today it is “Save The Bees.” From news headlines to environmental campaigns to alarming documentaries, we’re warned that if the bees go extinct, we’ll go with them. It makes sense — about 75 percent of crops are reliant on animal pollinators, which are often honeybees. Without them, the theory goes, we’d not only lose $212 billion in global economic value, we could probably say goodbye to apples, almonds,

Honeybee hive-mates influenced to fan wings to keep hive cool

Rachael Kaspar used to be scared of bees. That was before she studied their behavior as an undergraduate at CU Boulder. Since learning their secret lives and social behaviors, she has developed ...

Fri 3 Aug 18 from Phys.org

New publication about bees and their New England habitats available

Researchers in the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station and their colleagues from neighboring institutions published a report called "Bees and Their Habitats in Four New England ...

Thu 2 Aug 18 from Phys.org

Older bees influence younger bees to fan wings, cool hive

To keep bee hives cool, honey bees fan their wings to promote circulation. New research suggests the behavior is socially influenced.

Fri 3 Aug 18 from UPI

Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!

Foreword: Environmental activists always claim they merely want better public policies, to save the Earth and its endangered species. Far too often, their real goal is acquiring more money and ...

Tue 31 Jul 18 from Watts Up With That?

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