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Migratory bears down in the dumps

University of Utah biologists working in Turkey discovered two surprising facts about a group of 16 brown bears: First, six of the bears seasonally migrated between feeding and breeding sites, ...

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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New England cottontail making a comeback in the region

From their enclosures at zoos in New York and Rhode Island, the New England cottontail offers a cute distraction for visitors.

Thu 23 Jun 16 from

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DNA Testing Challenges Traditional Species Classification

NewsExperts from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the National University of Singapore have made a surprising discovery that could subvert the significance of traditional criteria used ...

8 hours ago from Laboratory Equipment

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Rare moth in severe decline at its last English site

Numbers of a rare species of moth - found only in York in England - have tumbled in recent years, a team including researchers from the University of York have discovered.

Wed 22 Jun 16 from

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Barrier screens reduce damage from brown marmorated stink bug

The brown marmorated stink bug, first identified in the United States in Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s, has spread to at least 42 states and two Canadian provinces. The invasive pest has been ...

Wed 22 Jun 16 from

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Persian leopard cubs born in Russian reintroduction centre

Triplets have been born to a captive Persian leopard in a Russian breeding centre. The cubs are in good health and may one day be reintroduced to the wild as part of a reintroduction programme ...

Wed 22 Jun 16 from

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Endangered Boreal felt lichen set to decline 50 percent in 25 years despite conservation efforts

Erioderma pedicellatum, commonly known as the Boreal felt lichen, grows on trees in the damp boreal forests along the Atlantic coast. It is also one of the most endangered lichens in the world. ...

Tue 21 Jun 16 from

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Blind Catfish Discovery in Texas Suggests Underground Link With Mexico

The U.S. and Mexico may be linked by unknown caverns

Mon 20 Jun 16 from TIME

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"Mountain passes are higher in the tropics"—Divergent climate tolerances play crucial roles in how species evolve

In tropical climes, animals and plants aren't adapted to surviving freezing temperatures - and why would they be? It's never all that cold near the Equator, even at altitude. But in places like ...

Wed 15 Jun 16 from

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Where were you born? Origin matters for species interactions

An oft-quoted proverb says it takes a village to raise a child, and new research from ecologists at Rice University and Louisiana State University suggests that a similar concept may be at work ...

Mon 13 Jun 16 from

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