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Science is core to saving wildlife

The following statement was issued today by Wildlife Conservation Society President and CEO Cristian Samper on the importance of science to wildlife conservation:

Wed 19 Apr 17 from

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More than half the world’s most important natural sites are under threat: it’s time to protect them

Right now, across our planet, many of the United Nations’ World Heritage sites that have been designated for natural reasons are being rapidly destroyed in the pursuit of short-term ...

4 minutes ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Advocates Really Want Giraffes to Be Included on the Endangered Species List

Giraffes were classified as "vulnerable" in 2016

Fri 21 Apr 17 from TIME

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Recovering species must be celebrated or we risk reversing progress, says leading expert

A failure to celebrate conservation successes means we miss vital opportunities to convince the public of "real and practical solutions" they can engage with, says a leading conservationist.

Thu 20 Apr 17 from

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'Perfect storm' threatens Europe's salamanders

Scientists call for "amphibian arks" to protect wild salamanders in Europe from a deadly infection.

Thu 20 Apr 17 from BBC News

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Bears breed across species borders

Senckenberg scientists have sequenced the entire genomes of four bear species, making it now possible to analyze the evolutionary history of all bears at the genome level. It shows that gene ...

Wed 19 Apr 17 from

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Scientists find that the space bullethead parrotfish use is influenced more by competition than by fear of predators

It's a fish-eat-fish world out in the ocean, and prey species usually fear the predators that would make them into a tasty snack.

Mon 17 Apr 17 from

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Study: Bird population in Vermont forests drop 14.2 percent

The bird population in Vermont's forests has declined 14.2 percent over 25 years, largely due to several factors, including invasive species, climate change, and the natural cycle of maturing ...

Sat 15 Apr 17 from

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Research Shows Just How Much Hunting Reduces Animal Populations

Hunting kills up to 83% of mammal wildlife

Thu 13 Apr 17 from TIME

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Distantly related fish find same evolutionary solution to dark water

Changes in a single color-vision gene demonstrate convergent evolutionary adaptations in widely separated species and across vastly different time scales, according to a study publishing on ...

Tue 11 Apr 17 from

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