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Camera trap images help wildlife managers ID problem tigers in India

Researchers with the Wildlife Conservation Society and other partners in India are using high-tech solutions to zero in on individual tigers in conflict and relocate them out of harm's way for ...

Wed 19 Nov 14 from

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Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna

Of all the overfished fish in the seas, luscious, fatty bluefin tuna are among the most threatened. Marine scientist Goro Yamazaki, who is known in this seaside community as "Young Mr. Fish," ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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There's hope for continent's rarest mammal

The black-footed ferret is the rarest mammal on the continent, but conservation efforts are making strides in preventing it from disappearing altogether.

Tue 18 Nov 14 from FOXNews

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Prince William recruits Angry Birds to protect wildlife

Prince William teamed up with the makers of Angry Birds to release a new game on Monday that will highlight the dangers of illegal poaching for animal species from elephants to anteaters.

Mon 17 Nov 14 from

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Wildlife groups sue over imperiled lynx's habitat

Wildlife advocates have sued the federal government after it declined to designate some areas in the West as critical habitat for the imperiled Canada lynx.

Mon 17 Nov 14 from

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Businesses can help preserve endangered species, improve employee morale with small landscape changes

Raptors, or birds of prey, some of which are endangered species, typically live in environments that provide natural land cover, such as forests and grasslands. Protecting endangered raptor ...

Mon 17 Nov 14 from

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Scientists employ satellite tags to solve whale-sized mystery

For the first time, scientists working in the waters of Patagonia are using satellite tags to remotely track southern right whales from their breeding/calving grounds in the sheltered bays of ...

Tue 18 Nov 14 from

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Global body extends protection to 31 migratory species

Nations call for end to capturing marine mammals for commercial use

Wed 12 Nov 14 from Science Now

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A new species of nocturnal gecko from northern Madagascar

Hidden away in the tropical darkness of nocturnal Madagascar, scientists have discovered a new species of gecko which has been described in the open access journal Zoosystematics and Evolution.

Mon 10 Nov 14 from

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High ant diversity underfoot in urban environments

Cities have more species diversity than you'd expect. A study of ants in Manhattan found not only a wide range of species, but also significant differences in the levels of biodiversity in different ...

Wed 12 Nov 14 from

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