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New subspecies of Philippine tarsier discovered

Genetic tests settle a taxonomic debate surrounding Philippine tarsier, one of the world's smallest primates.

Tue 19 Aug 14 from ScienceNews

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African elephant numbers collapsing

Long-awaited study suggests that many of the continent's elephant populations could be wiped out in ten years.

Tue 19 Aug 14 from Nature News

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A new species of endemic treefrog from Madagascar

A new species of the Boophis rappiodes group is described from the hidden streams of Ankarafa Forest, northwest of Madagascar. The study was published in the open access journal ZooKeys.

Mon 18 Aug 14 from

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Four chameleon species discovered in Mozambique's 'sky islands'

Expeditions to northern Mozambique's remote mountains have uncovered a wealth of new species, including four pygmy chameleons.

Fri 15 Aug 14 from

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Researchers believe blood-sucking parasitic eyeworm a culprit to 2010 quail decline

In the summer of 2010, the Rolling Plains of West Texas expected a bumper crop of quail. By October, they nearly had vanished.

Thu 14 Aug 14 from

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Ravens rule Idaho's artificial roosts

A new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Idaho State University (ISU) explored how habitat alterations, including the addition of energy transmission ...

Mon 11 Aug 14 from

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Ban all ivory sales for 10 years, says conservationist

The international community should ban all sales of ivory including seized tusks and antique pieces that were created when trade was legal for at least 10 years, argues a peer-reviewed essay ...

Fri 8 Aug 14 from Nature News Blogs

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'Rock Star' Botanist Rappels Down Cliffs to Save Hawaii's Rarest Plants

After the heavy rains and high winds of two rare, large storms, Hawaiian botanists are hoping the islands' rarest plants have come through unscathed. Thanks to its geographic isolation in the ...

Mon 11 Aug 14 from Voice of America

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Can a new species of frog have a doppelganger? Genetics say yes

Recently, Malaysian herpetologist Juliana Senawi puzzled over an unfamiliar orange-striped, yellow-speckled frog she'd live-caught in swampland on the Malay Peninsula.

Thu 7 Aug 14 from

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Climate warming may have unexpected impact on invasive species

Rising temperatures may be seen as universally beneficial for non-native species expanding northward, but a Dartmouth College study suggests a warmer world may help some invaders but hurt others ...

Thu 7 Aug 14 from

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