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Researchers use new methods to survey native vs. non-native plants

A new study, the first comprehensive assessment of native vs. non-native plant distribution in the continental United States, finds non-native plant species are much more widespread than natives, ...

Wed 21 Jan 15 from

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Wolf cull will not save threatened Canadian caribou

Study suggests Canadian government strategy is not enough to preserve caribou population in the boreal forest.

Tue 20 Jan 15 from Nature News

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'Citizen science' reveals positive news for Puget Sound seabirds

A new analysis of seven years of bird sightings by volunteer birdwatchers from the Seattle Audubon Society has found positive trends in several Puget Sound seabird species that had been in historic ...

Tue 20 Jan 15 from

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Soviet collapse felt among wildlife

The socioeconomic shocks following the collapse of the Soviet Union also affected the region's wildlife, a study suggests.

Mon 19 Jan 15 from BBC News

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Mitigation-driven animal translocations are problematic

The use of animal translocations as a means to mitigate construction projects and other human developments is a widespread animal-management tool. A paper published today, produced through collaboration ...

Fri 16 Jan 15 from

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Undercover researchers expose new species of lizard for sale on Philippine black market

Rafe Brown, curator-in-charge of the herpetology division at the University of Kansas' Biodiversity Institute, has devoted years to cataloging and conserving the biodiversity of the Philippines, ...

Thu 15 Jan 15 from

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Endangered No Longer: Our Favorite Pictures of Bald Eagles

For Bald Eagle Appreciation Day, we've compiled our favorite images of these iconic raptors.

Sat 17 Jan 15 from National Geographic

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Ted Turner ranch aims to aid endangered black-footed ferrets

A more than half-million-acre ranch that straddles the New Mexico-Colorado border and is owned by media mogul Ted Turner has asked for permission to import black-footed ferrets.

Wed 14 Jan 15 from

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New non-destructive device measures root growth in smaller plants

Researchers from North Carolina State University's Department of Horticultural Science recently introduced a new apparatus called the "mini-Horhizotron", a device used to non-destructively measure ...

Wed 14 Jan 15 from

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For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease

Human activities are disrupting the migration patterns of many species, including monarch butterflies. Some monarchs have stopped migrating to their traditional overwintering sites in Mexico, ...

Fri 16 Jan 15 from

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