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Ecologist trio calls for efforts to mitigate human impact on flying animals

(—A trio of ecologists, one with Universidad Nacional del Comahue in Argentina and the other two with Swansea University in the U.K., has written and published a Perspective piece in ...

Fri 1 May 15 from

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Species' evolutionary choice—disperse or adapt?

Dispersal and adaptation are two fundamental evolutionary strategies available to species given an environment. Generalists, like dandelions, send their offspring far and wide. Specialists, ...

Tue 28 Apr 15 from

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Study advances new tool in the fight against invasive species

Asian carp. Burmese python. Hemlock woolly adelgid. These are just some of the most destructive pests and the world's worst invasive species that raise the hackles of fisherman, farmers, and ...

Wed 29 Apr 15 from

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Burmese python habitat use patterns may help control efforts

The largest and longest Burmese Python tracking study of its kind—here or in its native range—is providing researchers and resource managers new information that may help target control efforts ...

Tue 28 Apr 15 from

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New blueberry species found in the Colombian forests

The description of five new species of blueberry relatives from Colombia highlights the country's great diversity of the plant family Ericaceae and the importance of field exploration. These ...

Tue 28 Apr 15 from

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Rare dune plants thrive on disturbance

Beginning in the 1880s, coastal dunes in the United States were planted with European beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) in an attempt to hold the sand in place and prevent it from migrating. The ...

Mon 27 Apr 15 from

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Invasive lionfish discovered in Brazil

DNA links specimen to fish population that has spread through Caribbean.

Wed 29 Apr 15 from Nature News

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Spread of pathogens between species is predictable, research finds

A study of disease dynamics in a California grassland has revealed fundamental principles underlying the spread of pathogens among species, with broad implications for the maintenance of biodiversity ...

Wed 22 Apr 15 from

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How foreign animals affect Newfoundland's food chain

It's not just the people that make Newfoundland unique; it's the animals too—both the native species and those that come-from-away.

Wed 22 Apr 15 from

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Evolution makes invading species spread even faster

Today, invasive animals and plants spread all around the globe. Predicting the dynamics of these invasions is of great ecological and socioeconomical interest. Yet studying them is fundamentally ...

Wed 22 Apr 15 from

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