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Scientists identify 66 alien species that pose greatest threat to European biodiversity

Scientists have identified 66 alien plant and animal species, not yet established in the European Union, that pose the greatest potential threat to biodiversity and ecosystems in the region.

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European network of protected areas has not yet been able to stop the decline of butterflies in Germany

The Natura 2000 network of protected areas runs across the EU as a conservation network for biodiversity. However, only a few studies have so far analysed whether these refuges actually have ...

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Rare species of Dracula ant snaps up record for world's fastest animal movement

The cheetah probably comes to mind first when you think of fast animals, but the records for fastest individual movements are far stranger. Mystrium camillae, a rare species of Dracula ...

7 hours ago from Gizmag

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A future for red wolves may be found on Galveston Island

Red wolves, once nearly extinct, again teeter on the abyss. New research finds red wolf ancestry on Galveston Island—providing opportunities for additional conservation action and difficult ...

Tue 11 Dec 18 from

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'Pest-controlling' bats could help save rainforests

A new study shows that several species of bats are giving Madagascar's rice farmers a vital pest control service by feasting on plagues of insects. And this, a zoologist at the University of ...

Tue 11 Dec 18 from

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This Huge Gopher Tortoise May Be ‘Largest on Record’ in Florida

Gopher tortoises, a species native to the southeastern United States, are known for their large size, but one massive gopher tortoise found in Sanibel, Florida has even scientists scrambling ...

Fri 7 Dec 18 from

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Rats and pigeons 'replace iconic species'

"Iconic" animals such as tigers are being replaced by "cosmopolitan" species found everywhere - researchers.

Tue 4 Dec 18 from BBC News

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Mystery of color patterns of reef fish solved

Scientists have solved the mystery of why some closely-related species of an iconic reef fish have vastly different colour patterns, while others look very similar.

Wed 5 Dec 18 from

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Machine learning aids in identifying at-risk plants

Classification method helps prioritise species at risk of extinction. Samantha Page reports.

Tue 4 Dec 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Set your teeth on EDGE: World's weirdest sharks and rays on the brink of extinction

Sharks that use a whip-like tail to stun their prey, rays with saws on their faces, and river rays half the length of a bus are among the most unique species at risk of extinction according ...

Tue 4 Dec 18 from

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