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See-through frog has heart you can see beating through its chest

The beautiful Hyalinobatrachium yaku is a previously unknown glass frog from Ecuador, but its habitat is threatened by oil exploitation

Thu 25 May 17 from Newscientist

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Thu 25 May 17 from Science Now

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Study shows need for increased protection of world's national animal symbols

The snowy-feathered head and distinctive brown body of the bald eagle is a proud national symbol of the United States, adorning the country's currency and passports. The lion, known as "King ...

Wed 24 May 17 from

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Dingoes to the rescue?

Could dingoes be the answer to controlling the havoc red foxes wreak on native and domestic animal populations?

Thu 25 May 17 from

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Border walls may pose big challenges to biodiversity—but smaller ones to humans

With the prospect of a US-Mexico border wall looming, research and reporting on the ecological impacts of walls is both important and timely. Reporting in BioScience on such barriers' known ...

Wed 24 May 17 from

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South Sudan wildlife surviving civil war, but poaching and trafficking threats increase

The first aerial assessment of the impact of South Sudan's current civil war on the country's wildlife and other natural resources shows that significant wildlife populations have so far survived, ...

Wed 24 May 17 from

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In Images: Meet the Top 10 Newfound Species

A "bleeding" tomato, a "Game of Thrones" ant and others made the list.

Wed 24 May 17 from Livescience

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This Turtle Tourist Center Also Raises Endangered Turtles for Meat

Animal advocates accuse the Cayman Turtle Centre of mistreating its sea turtles and stoking demand for the meat of an endangered species, claims it denies.

Thu 25 May 17 from National Geographic

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Nepal torches valuable wildlife parts

Nepal destroyed thousands of valuable animal skins and other parts seized from poachers on a giant bonfire Monday in a symbolic gesture against the illegal wildlife trade.

Mon 22 May 17 from

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With populations thriving, are bobcats the next urban pest?

As someone who has studied bobcats for almost four decades, wildlife ecologist John Litvaitis remembers many times returning from the field without spotting a single one of these solitary and ...

Mon 22 May 17 from

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