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Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction

The American Bumblebee—a species once more commonly seen buzzing around Southern Ontario—is critically endangered, according to a new study led by York University.

Thu 18 Apr 19 from

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Living room conservation: Gaming and virtual reality for insect and ecosystem conservation

Gaming and virtual reality (VR) could bridge the gap between urban societies and nature, thereby paving the way to insect conservation by the means of education, curiosity and life-like participation.

Thu 18 Apr 19 from

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Climate change threatens endangered sparrows

A new study in The Condor: Ornithological Applications finds that some sparrow species will go extinct within the century due to climate change.

Tue 16 Apr 19 from

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Bloodsucking Worms in Pythons Are Killing Florida Rattlesnakes, Study Says

Burmese pythons, one of the most deadliest types of invasive reptiles, are now indirectly killing native Florida pygmy rattlesnakes with parasitic worms, according to a new study. Stetson University ...

Tue 16 Apr 19 from

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China seizes nearly 2,750 elephant tusks in huge bust

Chinese authorities have seized 7.5 tonnes of ivory—2,748 elephant tusks—in one of the biggest busts in recent years as the country cracks down on the sale of illegal wildlife products.

Tue 16 Apr 19 from

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Can multiple carnivores coexist in cities?

As growth makes neighborhoods more crowded for humans, it's also concentrating carnivores like bobcats and coyotes into the remaining green spaces, leading them to interact with each other more ...

Tue 16 Apr 19 from

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The new plan for destroying invasive pythons

Male pythons surgically implanted with inch-long radio transmitters that are then tracked by plane every two weeks. The hope is the male will lead to a female.

Tue 16 Apr 19 from

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Scientists use eBird data to propose optimal bird conservation plan

A new paper published today in the journal Nature Communications shows a blueprint for conserving enough habitat to protect the populations of almost one-third of the warblers, orioles, tanagers, ...

Mon 15 Apr 19 from

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Kenya's Maasai Mara: Facts About the Wildlife, Climate and Culture

Watching more than 2 million wildebeest and other migrating mammals travel hundreds of miles is one of the many spectacular natural events that occur in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Mon 15 Apr 19 from Livescience

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Singapore seizes more pangolin scales in week's 2nd bust

Singapore has seized 14 tons of pangolin scales belonging to around 21,000 endangered mammals in the second such bust in less than a week.

Wed 10 Apr 19 from

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