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Availability of human food shortens and disrupts bears' hibernation

With winter approaching, bears all over the world are getting ready to hibernate. New research suggests that not all bears will spend entire winter in their dens, however, especially where baiting ...

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Detective work across dingo fence reveals new factor in woody shrub invasion

Extermination of dingoes and the consequent loss of small mammals - not just overgrazing by livestock - have led to a rapid spread of woody shrubs across semi-arid Australia, a new study shows.

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Belize's Glover's Reef providing refuge for new generation of sea turtles

A new generation of threatened hawksbill sea turtles is thriving in the protected waters of Glover's Reef Atoll, Belize, evidence that efforts to protect these and other marine species in one ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from

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Model explains barred owls' domination over northern spotted owls

Barred owls - unrivaled nocturnal predators and procreators - are moving into the Pacific Northwest. They're encroaching on northern spotted owl territories and outcompeting this smaller, threatened ...

Thu 1 Dec 16 from

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Rare ferrets settling in, making babies at new Colorado home

Dozens of slinky, ferocious and rare ferrets are settling in and making babies at their new home in Colorado, one year after they were released at a wildlife refuge outside Denver.

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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Intensification of land use leads to the same species everywhere

In places where humans use grasslands more intensively, it is not only the species diversity which decreases—the landscape also becomes more monotonous, and ultimately only the same species ...

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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Cycad seed tissue loaded with carbohydrates

Learning how to make a seed was one of the crucial transitions for the world's plants. The competitive advantages that seed-producing plants possess has led to their dominance in most contemporary ...

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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Researcher says management of pine beetle not working

A method to control the spread of mountain pine beetles—pheromone baiting—may actually help the pest's population increase, UBC research shows.

Wed 30 Nov 16 from

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New discovery of alarm response in medaka fish furthers analysis of fear

Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Science Dr Ajay Mathuru has discovered that the medaka fish has an 'alarm response' to a type of semiochemical (message-bearing chemicals that carry information ...

Tue 29 Nov 16 from

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Harvest of nuisance black bears in New Jersey reducing human-bear conflicts

Is there room for black bears in human-dominated New Jersey? According to Utah State University researchers, the answer is yes, but only with science-based strategic planning, comprehensive ...

Mon 28 Nov 16 from

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