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Rusty patched bumble bee recommended for endangered list

Federal wildlife officials on Thursday made a formal recommendation to list the rusty patched bumble bee as an endangered species because it has disappeared from about 90 percent of its historic ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Invasive species may unexpectedly reduce disease prevalence

Humans are remarkably good at moving species around: We unwittingly carry stowaway organisms in our luggage when we fly, in our cars when we take a road trip, and on our bodies when we're simply ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Laos promises to phase out tiger farms: Conservation groups

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Laos has promised to phase out farms that breed endangered tigers for their body parts, a positive step from a country believed to be a major hub of wildlife trafficking ...

Fri 23 Sep 16 from AP

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Using Dozens Of Elephants To Save Rhinos

Rhino populations have been threatened in many parts of Asia and Africa for years. Because they're often poached for their horns, some rhino species have even become ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from Discovery News

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It's not all about tigers and criminals – illegal wildlife trade responses need nuance

Responses to illegal wildlife trade need to be more nuanced and not only focused on high-profile species if we are to truly tackle the problem, say researchers.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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How a native plant ended up on reality TV, and why it's at risk

In one of television's more bizarre recent offerings, the History Channel show "Appalachian Outlaws" follows a band of West Virginians as they hunt rugged forests for American ginseng, a medicinal ...

Thu 22 Sep 16 from

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Species body says extra elephant protection could boost ivory trade

The body tasked with managing trade in endangered species will oppose efforts to increase global protection for elephants, saying it could spark a new trade in ivory.

Thu 22 Sep 16 from BBC News

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Angering activists, Norway says to kill wolves

Norway was accused of authorising the "mass slaughter" of its endangered wolf population on Friday after announcing that 47 of the predators would be killed by hunters.

Fri 16 Sep 16 from

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Bringing people together as scientists to save a zebra species

For 30 long minutes, the two safari buses trundled across the dry bushland of northern Kenya. Rocks and a haze of red dust kicked up from the rough and pitted road. The sun seared through the ...

Fri 16 Sep 16 from

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Survival of the smallest? Bigger sea species more threatened

In the Earth's oceans these days, the bigger a species is, the more prone it is to die off. That's unheard of in the long history of mass extinctions, a new study finds.

Wed 14 Sep 16 from

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