Polaroid Lab turns your phone photos into instant print masterpieces - CNET

Polaroid Originals Polaroid Originals announced its first Polaroid printer today ó the Polaroid Lab ó allowing you to print photos taken on your phone. The Lab, an update to Impossible Projectís Instant Lab from seven years ago, has a camera inside with three lenses that, essentially, take a photo of a photo thatís on a userís phone. It then optimizes the image for film and prints it out. Itís supposed to work with the iPhone 6 and up and ďmostĒ Android devices. It charges over Micro USB, with Polaroid saying one charge should last a month. Itíll cost $100 when itís eventually released later this year, and it accepts any film, except the SX-70. The Lab requires users to have the Polaroid Originals app installed on their phone, from which they can tinker... Continue reading…

Polaroid Lab turns your phone photos into instant print masterpieces - CNET

Want Polaroid photos, but hate the idea of carrying any camera but your phone? You're in luck.

Tue 10 Sep 19 from CNET

The Polaroid Lab delivers instant prints using your phone display

There's something appealing about physical photos in the age of smartphone cameras. Sifting through images to find the one perfect shot among hundreds of digital snaps and printing ...

Tue 10 Sep 19 from Engadget

The Polaroid Lab uses the light from your phoneís screen to turn digital photos into Polaroids

  When all of us are carrying phones that can snap a thousand photos a minute and are connected to cloud systems that can store millions, there’s an undeniable charm to physical photos. ...

Tue 10 Sep 19 from TechCrunch

Polaroid’s newest gadget gives analog life to smartphone photos

With instant photography on the rebound, the Polaroid Lab is a wacky idea whose time may have come. It’s a shiny, tightly-framed snapshot of a couple of friends of mine, posing as we ...

Tue 10 Sep 19 from Fastcompany Tech

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