Nikon Z6 and Z7 updates help portrait shooters and videographers (page 2)

Animal poaching is on the rise as people find interest in ivory, fur, skins and more for their financial value. Previous technologies have tried to capture poachers in the act, but often failed because the poachers could ping cell towers and find (and avoid) the tracking technology. Now, Intel is debuting a smart system of cameras that relies on radio frequencies and artificial intelligence to catch the criminals and save the wildlife. We gave this technology a go at CES 2019, and here is how it works.[...]

Nikon Z6 and Z7 updates help portrait shooters and videographers

Nikon's new Z-Mount Z6 and Z7 cameras are getting some key new features they lacked at launch via an upcoming firmware update, the company announced. The biggest one is eye-detect ...

Wed 9 Jan 19 from Engadget

Intel Studios shows off volumetric video capturing with 'Grease'

Last year, Intel Studios announced that it built a 10,000 square foot arena for capturing volumetric video in real time. Instead of just filming from a handful of different angles, ...

Tue 8 Jan 19 from Engadget

How to take better selfies in any situation

Sun 6 Jan 19 from Popular Science

New iPhone 11 rumor hints at a 10MP selfie camera, but no USB-C port

Your selfie photos may be better with the iPhone 11, though charging it won't get more advanced, says a new rumor.

Thu 17 Jan 19 from Techradar

iPhone 11 renders show off horizontal triple-camera setup

Another leak shows a purported iPhone 11 prototype with three cameras arranged in a line.

Tue 15 Jan 19 from Techradar

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 UK release date set for January 16

Xiaomi is bringing its flagship phone to the UK for the first time later this month.

Mon 14 Jan 19 from Techradar

What happened to all the cameras at CES 2019?

Despite the world's media descending on CES, the photo industry has chosen to keep a low profile this year.

Thu 10 Jan 19 from Techradar

Olympus releases second teaser video for its upcoming high-end camera

In the build-up to the launch of the rumored OM-D E-M1X, Olympus drops another teaser video.

Thu 10 Jan 19 from Techradar


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