Ressence Type 2 self-setting watch goes into production

Ressence’s Type 2 smartwatch, which Nest and iPod co-creator Tony Fadell served as a “tech coach” on, finally has an official price and release date, via Hodinkee. The good news is that it’ll be available as early as April 2019. The bad news is that actually getting your hands on one will cost you $48,800. That’s somewhat typical for the brand, whose watches never cost less than five-figures, but it’s a lot more than almost every other smartwatch out there. Although the cost is mainly justified by the Ressence’s status as a luxury watch manufacturer, there are a few interesting tech features in the Type 2 that are worth mentioning. The first is a set of photovoltaic cells, which can automatically recharge the watch when its 36-hours of... Continue reading…

Ressence Type 2 self-setting watch goes into production

Last year, Ressence unveiled its Type-2 e-Crown Concept watch that combined a mechanical movement with digital precision. Now, the company is releasing the hybrid timepiece for general ...

Sun 13 Jan 19 from Gizmag

Ressence's high-tech luxury mechanical watch Type 2 lunches this April

Watchmaker Ressence says it will be releasing its Type 2 mechanical watch this April. The timepiece is a nice looking analog with a few added technologies for convenience. However, that convenience ...

Thu 10 Jan 19 from Techspot

Ressence's $48,800 connected mechanical watch arrives in April

If you like the thought of wearing a classic mechanical watch but wish it had some of the conveniences of the connected age, your dream wristwear is here... so long as you're willing ...

Thu 10 Jan 19 from Engadget

The smartwatch Tony Fadell helped design will cost $48,800

And you thought that Apple Watch was expensive. Remember the Ressence Type 2 smartwatch? The one that was unveiled early in 2018, and designed with the help of iPod co-creator Tony Fadell? The ...

Mon 14 Jan 19 from Fastcompany Tech

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