Alexa voice control arrives for select DirecTV set-top boxes

Amazon first announced an update to its Alexa Video Skill API back in March that would make it easier for set-top box makers to add DVR and playback controls via voice, but it’s taken a little while for its initial partners to enable the feature. TiVo added it to select devices back in May, and now DirecTV is joining the club with an announcement today that its Genie HR44 DVR, among other DirecTV set-top boxes, finally supports Alexa. With the update, you should be able to use your voice to ask an Alexa-enabled Echo device to record TV shows, change channels, and perform other playback functions for your DirecTV set-top box. Commands like, “Hey Alexa, record that show,” can be used for specific programs, and you can also specify for... Continue reading…

Alexa voice control arrives for select DirecTV set-top boxes

If you have DirecTV and you're fed up of having to use an old-fashioned remote to get to the content you want to watch, starting today, you can just holler at Amazon's Alexa ...

Thu 12 Jul 18 from Engadget

Alexa support comes to DirecTV’s Genie set-top boxes

DirecTV joins the voice assistant revolution with Alexa support for Genie HR44, HR54, Genie 2 and Genie Mini set-top boxes.

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Techradar

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