Samsung's new Galaxy phone has no online connectivity

What makes a smartphone different from our “dumb” phones back in the day? They both make calls, they both send messages, but the main difference is that our smartphones are better equipped to handle internet-related tasks, such as web browsing, emails, social media, shopping, and so on.However what’s interesting is that Samsung has recently announced a new phone in the form of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, a smartphone that doesn’t come with internet connectivity. The idea is that this phone will be aimed at students who don’t want the distractions (or parents who don’t want their kids to be distracted) and the elderly who might be overwhelmed by all the features you might expect from a standard smartphone.This means that the phone will make calls, send text messages, and even take photos, but lacks all form of internet connectivity include 2G, 3G, or even WiFi. It will come preinstalled with apps such as an offline dictionary. Other than that, the specs of the phone include a 5-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a

Samsung releases 'dumb phone' that can't connect to the internet

Called the Galaxy J2 Pro, it has similar specs of one of Samsung's high-end phones, but it can't run apps or connect to the web. So don't try using it to Google something or check Facebook. ...

Fri 13 Apr 18 from Daily Mail

This new Samsung Galaxy phone can't connect to the internet - CNET

Would you buy a smartphone without internet connectivity?

Fri 13 Apr 18 from CNET

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