How to buy the right headphones

Headphones are kind of like relationships: we all have them, we can scarcely imagine our lives without them, and yet no one ever bothers to train us how to select them. Itís that last bit that often leads us to suboptimal outcomes, and itís the problem Iím here to help you solve. Welcome to The Vergeís headphone buying guide. Step one: Decide what you want Simple, right? Not even close. The typical scenario for anyone looking to buy a new piece of technology is that youíll want to optimize everything. If itís a laptop, youíll be seeking dozens of cores, an exabyte of storage, week-long battery life, featherlight weight, and an impulse-purchase price. The first thing to do is disabuse yourself of the illusion that you can have everything. ... Continue reading…

How to buy the right headphones

Wed 15 Nov 17 from The Verge

Shinola launches high-end headphones -- we go ears-on - CNET

Not to be confused with the shoe polish, this Detroit manufacturer is following up its exquisitely designed turntables and watches with a set of premium headphones. But how do they sound?

Tue 14 Nov 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Shinola is getting into headphones with four stylish, expensive models

After making its name in watches, Shinola moved into bikes, journals, bags, gloves, wallets, jewelry, phone cases, and more in just the past six years. Last year, the company began ...

Tue 14 Nov 17 from The Verge

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