Alexa assistant can now differentiate between voices

While Amazon might have been the first to the market with a speaker featuring a built-in digital assistant with Alexa, there have been some obvious features missing from the platform that Amazonís competitors were quick to capitalize on, such as the ability to distinguish between the voices of different users, something that Google introduced earlier this year to its Home device.The good news for Alexa users is that if this was a feature you were hoping for, youíll be pleased to learn that Amazon has recently started to roll out customized voice detection for Alexa-powered devices. Basically this means that Alexa will now be able to support multiple users and recognize them by their voice.In turn this also means a more personalized experience where users can get personalized shopping lists, music selections, and more, based on their personal preferences and history. At the moment the multiple user support will work with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazonís Music family plan, and Alexa to Alexa voice calling,

Alexa assistant can now differentiate between voices

Amazon's major short fall compared to Google Home is the multi-user experience. Google Home allows multiple accounts to be linked and uses voice recognition to provide personalized responses ...

Thu 12 Oct 17 from Techspot

Amazon Alexa Gains Voice Identification To Recognize Who's Talking

Amazon has updated its voice assistant Alexa with a cool new feature that many people who have an Echo device with multiple users have been wanting. That new feature is the ability to identify ...

Thu 12 Oct 17 from HotHardware

Amazon's Alexa can recognize the voices of multiple users

Echo devices keep getting better, getting multi-room audio, access to Google calendars, and intercom features. Now, though, Amazon just matched one of Google Home's killer features: ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from Engadget

Amazon Alexa devices can finally tell voices apart

 One of the Amazon Echo’s biggest blindspots has just been addressed. Starting today, the company will finally start rolling out customized voice detection. That means users in multi-person ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from TechCrunch

Amazonís Alexa can now recognize different voices and give personalized responses

The battle of the smart speakers has become a constant back and forth between Amazon and Google. Back in April, Google Home gained the ability to recognize individual voices, which ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from The Verge

Amazon's Alexa can now recognize your voice - CNET

Starting today, Alexa users can train the voice assistant to recognize which family member is speaking to her.

Wed 11 Oct 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Amazon's Alexa can now recognize individual voices and users

Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo, can now tell the difference between you and the people you live with.

Thu 12 Oct 17 from Techradar

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