TomTom to offer EV recharging maps in Europe, N. America (page 4)

From the driver’s seat of a flaming-red Tesla Model S, a young teenage boy sends a text message: “Gotta charge my car see you in the AM.” It’s a scene from the family-friendly movie Disconnected, in which the Tesla Model S plays a starring role. The lead character Shawn, played by Bridger Zadina, makes an eight-hour journey from Los Angeles up to Santa Cruz. Shawn, who is too young to have a driver’s license, steals the car from parents’ garage in an act of rebellion and desperate teenage desire: he needed an escape route to reach his crush. There’s a scene that depicts his journey, window-down, wind whipping, as the gigantic 17-inch Tesla screen guides him on his journey up the Pacific Coastal Highway 1, a symbolic break away from the... Continue reading…

TomTom to offer EV recharging maps in Europe, N. America

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Dutch map-making company TomTom NV is introducing a live service to help drivers locate and pay for electric car-battery charging stations, an application built off its ...

Tue 12 Sep 17 from Reuters Technology

iPhone 8: Follow Apple's event live

Tech giant will unveil the smartphone during an event at its headquarters in Cupertino.        

Tue 12 Sep 17 from USA today

Of course EE's hyping wireless chargers on new iPhone day

EE all but confirming new iPhone features before Apple's had a chance to announce them is turning into a bit of a yearly tradition. This morning, the carrier announced it's ...

Tue 12 Sep 17 from Engadget

Tesla extends Model S, Model X range near Hurricane Irma - Roadshow

It beats having to spend several thousand dollars in an evacuation.

Tue 12 Sep 17 from CNET

iPhone 8 or X: When is the iPhone release date?

I-Day is Tuesday, we know that. But when will be able to get our hands on Apple's 10th-anniversary iPhone? Our best guess: Sept. 22.        

Mon 11 Sep 17 from USA today

How to charge your phone when there's no power

From battery packs and alternative charging devices to bizarre DIY hacks, there are some ways to charge your phone without using your typical charger. But do these methods work?

Thu 7 Sep 17 from Daily Mail

The iPhone's Wireless Charging Is Its Most Impactful New Feature

It's wireless charging, and Apple's decision to embrace the Qi standard could have industry-wide effects.

Thu 14 Sep 17 from Wired Tech

Best wireless chargers for iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and more

One of these charging pads will suit you if you want to charge up your iPhone 8, iPhone X plus some Android devices.

Wed 13 Sep 17 from Techradar


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