The Creator of Android Made a $699 Phone Thatís Beautiful but Not Essential

As if the Nintendo Switch wasnít already hard enough to come by months after its official North American launch, thereís a new SKU that will soon be arriving in the United States. Joining the existing grey and neon red/neon blue Nintendo Switch consoles editions will be a new Splatoon 2 Bundle. We first learned about the Nintendo Switch

Essential's startup advantage might come back to haunt it

"Most companies would get a stage, and we'd have lights and music and everything else," joked Andy Rubin as he addressed a group of reporters. "But that really isn't ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from Engadget

Essential's PH-1 strives to be more than just another Android phone

Andy Rubin rose to fame for his role in creating Android, and even after leaving Google, he couldn't quit phones completely. Now he's back with his new company, Essential, ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from Engadget

Essential Phone review

An arcane artifact from an unrealized future Continue reading…

Fri 18 Aug 17 from The Verge

Does new 'Essential phone' live up to its name?

The phone from Android's creator has a lot of promise. But is not more essential than other premium smartphones.        

Fri 18 Aug 17 from USA today

Pre-Order Andy Rubinís Essential Phone From Sprint

The Essential PH-1 phone is now available to pre-order exclusively from Sprint. Created by Andy Rubin to buck smartphone tradition, the $700 feature-packed handset is a far cry from Google’s ...

Fri 18 Aug 17 from

iOS 11 adds ability to disable Touch ID with Ďcop buttoní - CNET

A new feature lets iPhone users quickly tap the power button to call 911 and prevent unwarranted logins.

Thu 17 Aug 17 from CNET

An iOS 11 feature can quickly disable Touch ID

Law enforcement authorities have been at odds with the legal system and mobile companies when it comes to gaining access to citizens' phones. One of the more notable instances ...

Thu 17 Aug 17 from Engadget

iOS 11 has a new feature to lock down your phone's Touch ID from prying law enforcement officers

Apple has added a new security and privacy focused feature to the latest revision of iOS. By pressing the power button five times in quick succession, a new menu will open up. This new setting ...

Thu 17 Aug 17 from Techspot


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