Ads invade people's phone keyboards and promote products as they type

Ads are a pretty common way for companies to make money online, especially when providing a free service. However we reckon that there’s a time and a place to put ads, and putting ads inside of a smartphone’s keyboard definitely does not seem like the best idea. Unfortunately this is something that some HTC users are discovering.According to reports on Reddit, it seems that some HTC users who are using the default HTC “TouchPal” keyboard on their HTC phones are reporting that ads have begun popping up on the keyboard itself, as you can see in the screenshot to the right. Given that our smartphone screens are pretty limited, having an ad take up additional space means that whatever you’re viewing just got more constrained.It seems that this is affecting users who are using the basic version of TouchPal, and that in order to get rid of the ads, users will have to purchase the premium version. An easy fix would be to replace the keyboard with another keyboard like SwiftKey or Gboard, for example, but for those

Ads invade people's phone keyboards and promote products as they type

Users are furious about the slip-up

Mon 17 Jul 17 from The Independent

HTC Blindsides Users With Ads In Its TouchPal Keyboard, Apologizes For Error

Companies can be a little overzealous when it comes to serving up ads. Even so, HTC appeared to hit a new low when its TouchPal keyboard that comes pre-installed on some Android devices started ...

Mon 17 Jul 17 from HotHardware

HTC backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard

The phone maker says the pop-ups have been seen because of an "error" to the annoyance of users.

Mon 17 Jul 17 from BBC Technology

HTC's phone keyboard is pestering users with ads

It's one thing to voluntarily put up with ads on your phone in return for a lower price or free apps, but it's another to have ads delivered without warning... and unfortunately, ...

Sun 16 Jul 17 from Engadget

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