Mediumís existential makeover continues with a revamped homepage

Mediumís subscription service didnít start off with all that many (any, really) features, but the company has just added a big one: audio recordings of some of the siteís top stories. All of the audio stories will be ďprofessionally recorded,Ē Medium says, and wonít be made using synthesized voices, like Siri. Every subscriber-exclusive story will get an audio version and ďother top storiesĒ picked by Medium editors will get recorded as well. At launch, there are a little over 50 articles with an audio option. Medium might let writers upload their own recordings eventually The recordings add a much more tangible benefit for Medium subscribers and could help the company tap into the audience thatís long relied on Audible for something to... Continue reading…

Mediumís existential makeover continues with a revamped homepage

Despite its high profile, Medium still hasn't quite figured out what it is in the five years since it launched as a minimalist blogging platform. In the meantime, Medium has pivoted ...

Tue 23 May 17 from Engadget

Medium is making audio versions of its best blog posts

Minimalist blogging platform Medium is expanding into audio. Readers who have a $5 per month subscription can now listen to stories published by fellow members, as well as those hand-picked ...

Fri 19 May 17 from Engadget

Medium launches audio versions of stories for members

 Medium has launched a new feature that could add more incentive to its paid membership program: audio stories. The paid member exclusive offering will provide an audio version of every ...

Thu 18 May 17 from TechCrunch

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