What the world's most avid pizza box collector thinks of Apple's patented pizza box

Boring square boxes simply aren’t good enough for pizza served in Apple’s cafes, so the company created a circular vented oneNot content with patenting the marvellous invention of a paper bag, Apple decided that ordinary pizza boxes simply weren’t up to the job in its white and shiny world. Behold the circular, Apple-approved pizza box to end all pizza boxes.Published in 2012 – with one box apparently signed as a mark of respect on the death of the Apple founder, Steve Jobs – the new and improved circular pizza receptacle’s invention is credited to Apple’s head of food services, Francesco Longoni. It was intended for use in the company’s Caffè Macs and the new Apple Park café. Continue reading...

What the world's most avid pizza box collector thinks of Apple's patented pizza box

One of the world's most avid collectors would love to get his hands on an exclusive Apple product that the company isn't selling.

Fri 19 May 17 from The Washington Post

Apple patented (and made) a pizza box to rid your life of soggy crust

The tech-food crossover hall of fame is filled with concepts that are more stunt than solution. Consider KFC's phone-charging take out box or its 'tray typer' for texting ...

Thu 18 May 17 from Engadget

Yes, Apple really did patent its own pizza box

Special container created to prevent pizza from getting soggy.        

Wed 17 May 17 from USA today

See the 'Apple Park' spaceship campus get finishing touches - CNET

The wild new craft that's landed in Cupertino isn't unidentified, but we're still holding out hope that it might be able to transform into a flying object.

Tue 16 May 17 from CNET

That one time Apple patented a pizza box

Tue 16 May 17 from Guardian.co.uk

Apple's latest invention: a pizza box

Wed 17 May 17 from Telegraph.co.uk Tech

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