Super Mario Run hits Android, rolls out version two on iOS

If Super Mario Run is a game that you’re still enjoying on your iOS device, then you might be pleased to learn that Nintendo has recently issued an update for the game in which they will be introducing a bunch of new features. Most notable of those new features is the addition of new playable characters.Or to be more specific, it will be one new playable character in the form of Yoshi, but there will be multiple color options for users to choose from. Given that Mario and Yoshi are pretty synonymous with each other, we guess it was really only a matter of time before the character was released in the game.In addition to the new character, Nintendo seems to have made more aspects of the game free to play. This includes Bowser’s Challenges where completing one challenge can unlock a previously locked course. Of course you’ll still have to pay $10 to unlock everything, but if you’d like more freebies before deciding on whether or not to drop $10, this should be a good incentive.Nintendo also announced that ther

Super Mario Run hits Android, rolls out version two on iOS

 Super Mario Run hit Android a day early. Originally expected today, March 23, per Nintendo’s earlier announcement, the game arrived on the Google Play Store yesterday instead, along ...

17 hours ago from TechCrunch

Super Mario Run 2.0 Released For iOS

21 hours ago from Ubergizmo

Super Mario Run Now Available On Android

Wed 22 Mar 17 from Ubergizmo

Super Mario Run makes leap to Android - CNET

The popular smartphone game hits Android devices three months after its iOS debut.

Wed 22 Mar 17 from CNET

'Super Mario Run' lands on Android a day early

Nintendo notoriously resisted making any of its games available on mobile platforms, a significant move for a company that's been making handheld titles for almost three decades. ...

Wed 22 Mar 17 from Engadget

Super Mario Run Comes to Android This Week

Super Mario Run has been available on iOS devices ever since the game launched last December. An Android version was announced back in January, though a release date wasn’t specified. ...

Tue 21 Mar 17 from

Super Mario Run comes to Android this week - CNET

Get ready to run with Nintendo's iconic plumber on March 23.

Mon 20 Mar 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Super Mario Run finally arrives on Android this week

Super Mario Run, an iOS exclusive since its mid-December 2016 arrival, finally has a date with Android gamers set in stone. Nintendo recently revealed that the side-scrolling, auto-running platformer ...

Mon 20 Mar 17 from Techspot

Super Mario Run’s Android release date is March 23

 Super Mario Run is officially making its way to Android, as Nintendo promised what seems like so long ago. The company has now revealed an exact date for Mario’s Android debut: March ...

Mon 20 Mar 17 from TechCrunch


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