Amazon Echos activated by TV comment

It’s great that voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are always-listening which means that we don’t have to press a button to activate it, thus making it easier to issue commands without having to get up from our seat. Unfortunately it seems that the always-listening feature has a downside, as many Alexa owners quickly discovered.According to a report from The CW6 (via Mashable), it seems that during a news broadcast, a TV anchor was reporting on how a child ordered herself a $160 dollhouse through the Amazon Echo, in which the anchor added, “I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse.’’ Like we said, with Alexa always listening, it seems that it picked up the phrase and assumed it was a command from their user.Thankfully Amazon has a policy in which they say that accidental physical orders can be returned for free. In the meantime Amazon has also stated that there are ways to prevent such accidents/mistakes from happening in the future, such as turning off the ability to make purchases via

Amazon Echos activated by TV comment

A comment on a US TV news show activates Amazon Echo gadgets in viewers' homes.

Mon 9 Jan 17 from BBC Technology

Amazon Alexa started ordering people dollhouses after hearing its name on TV

Children ordering (accidentally or otherwise) items from gadgets is nothing new. Major retailers have refunded purchases made by children playing with phones or computers, and with ...

Sat 7 Jan 17 from The Verge

San Diego News Anchor Mistakenly Triggers Amazon Alexa To Order Dollhouses For TV Watchers

Amazon's Alexa is incredibly useful. It can tell you the weather, update your calendar, and accidentally order a dollhouse while listening to your local news broadcast. San Diego channel CW6 ...

Sat 7 Jan 17 from HotHardware

How to keep your kid from ordering four pounds of cookies with Amazon’s Alexa

Technology Because this is a thing we have to deal with now Sorry, kids! I had to.

Fri 6 Jan 17 from Popular Science

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