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Apple Posts Temporary Workaround For iPhone's Crippling Texting Bug

We posted earlier this week about a bizarre bug that strikes when a specific text message is received by an iOS user, either via Messages or SMS. Composed of various unicode characters, receiving ...

5 hours ago from HotHardware

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Apple buys a maker of futuristic augmented-reality software

Apple has bought a company that makes augmented-reality software, which adds information or images to real-world scenes when viewed through a special headset or even a smartphone camera.

21 hours ago from Phys.org

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Fanboy gets ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

Technically Incorrect: A Quebec man who says he was using the smartwatch to operate his music gets a $120 fine.

2 hours ago from CNET

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NVIDIA Ships SHIELD Android TV Console, Tegra X1 SHIELD Portable Leaks In GFXBench

Taking good advantage of the ongoing Google I/O conference, NVIDIA has just released what's undoubtedly one of the world's fastest Android devices: SHIELD. This peculiarly-named device might ...

20 hours ago from HotHardware

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Lenovo teases smartwatch, virtual keyboard and smart shoes

At its Tech World conference, Lenovo announces concepts for several "innovative" new products that it believes "will change the way people interact with technology."

Thu 28 May 15 from CNET

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Project Ara Update: Still Not Available, But Looking Cooler Than Ever

At this morning's ATAP session at Google I/O we got another little tease of Project Ara, Google's modular smartphone. I mean, it was a tiny tease. Basically, it still a thing that exists. But! ...

52 minutes ago from Gizmodo

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Skeegle is the private alternative to Meerkat, Periscope

Looking for a Meerkat or Periscope alternative that offers a bit more privacy? You’re in luck as a new streaming app called Skeegle promises to deliver that exact experience.

23 minutes ago from Techspot

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GM installs Apple CarPlay, Android Auto in more cars

General Motors said Wednesday it will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in more of its Chevrolet models next year, as tech firms seek to expand their reach in the auto world.

Thu 28 May 15 from Phys.org

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Spotify Makes Its Way Onto Android Wear

Music playback controls is probably one of the most basic features that anyone can expect from a wearable device like a smartwatch. This allows users to control the music from their phone via ...

10 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Android M to support USB Type-C for faster charging

The new version of Android will offer a reversible plug that will charge up your device a lot quicker.

Thu 28 May 15 from CNET

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