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Huawei's round-faced Android Wear watch has looks to rival the Moto 360

Of the early Android Wear smartwatches, the round ones (Moto 360, LG G Watch R and soon the LG Watch Urbane) have been the most eye-catching. You can now add Huawei to that list, as it's teasing ...

4 hours ago from Gizmag

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Swatch To Launches New Touchscreen Fitness Smartwatch

Finally, Swatch has revealed its update to its current touchscreen watch, specifically the Swatch Touch. Introducing the Swatch Touch Zero One, a fitness watch made to cater the needs of beach ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Ubergizmo

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Swiss watchmakers show off a new line of smartwatches

Swiss watchmakers have laughed at the notion that the industry is in trouble due to the rise of smartwatches, and now we're getting a glimpse as to why they are so confident. Last ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from The Verge

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Runcible circular smartphone recalls the pocket watch

We've become accustomed to cell phones as noisy, rectangular devices filled with applications that are designed to assist us – but often distract us – in our daily lives. California-based startup ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Gizmag

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March 9 Apple event likely geared to Apple Watch

The wearable the world has been waiting for is nearly here. Apple has announced a "spring forward" event for March 9 that will most likely center around the release of the Apple Watch. .. Continue ...

Thu 26 Feb 15 from Gizmag

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Motorola expected to expand Moto Maker customization options to flagship smartwatch

Motorola’s Moto Maker customization service is expanding. Starting next month, buyers of the company’s Moto 360 smartwatch will reportedly be able to deck out their new wearable ...

Thu 26 Feb 15 from Techspot

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LG's Watch Urbane LTE gains 4G and mobile payments – but loses Android Wear

Life moves quickly in the world of smartwatches. Less than two weeks after announcing the Android Wear-running LG Watch Urbane, LG is back with a variant that drops Wear and adds standalone ...

Thu 26 Feb 15 from Gizmag

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Windows 10 Set To Offer USB 3.1 Type-C

It looks as though Microsoft has resurrected their WinHec conference, and with the agenda having already gone live, the event would open up new insights into Windows 10, which would be Microsoft's ...

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Ubergizmo

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MWC Preview: Out to cure our need for feed

There's a long-simmering turf battle about who gets to control cellular data traffic on Wi-Fi.        

9 hours ago from USA today

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Cook says Apple Watch might replace the need for car keys: Telegraph

(Reuters) - Apple Inc's latest product, the Apple Watch, might replace the need for car keys, Chief Executive Tim Cook told the Telegraph in an interview.

Fri 27 Feb 15 from Reuters Technology

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