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Snapchat test lets you point camera at products and buy them on Amazon - CNET

It's not just about the filters anymore. Snapchat now wants to help you shop.

15 hours ago from CNET

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Panasonic’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras promise a lot for 2019

Introduced by Panasonic’s imaging boss Yosuke Yamane at Photokina 2018, the Panasonic Lumix S series is the latest contender in the rapidly crowding full-frame mirrorless camera ...

14 minutes ago from The Verge

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MacOS Mojave is here: 8 ways it can update your Mac

From Dark Mode to easier tools for adding pictures to your documents, MacOS Mojave can add a fresh coat to your aging Mac.        

16 hours ago from USA today

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Uber brings 24/7 phone support to the UK

The whole point of Uber is to make getting from A to B as easy and convenient as possible, but when things go awry (which can include anything from confusing cleaning fees to allegations ...

44 minutes ago from Engadget

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Jaybird Tarah Wireless Earphones Are For The Active User

Wireless headphones are starting to become more popular these days, a necessity in a world where handset makers are starting to ditch the headphone jack. Now there are plenty of wireless options ...

44 minutes ago from Ubergizmo

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iPhone Xs Max Outselling iPhone Xs By Four Times

For years Apple clung onto the belief that the original iPhone’s size was the perfect size. It was only with the iPhone 5 that Apple started increasing the display size, and it seems that there ...

11 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Apple’s Distaste For Sex And Violence Threatens Its Original Series Streaming Service

Apple has been hard at work on its streaming media service for several. In 2015, reports suggested that the service was delayed as Apple worked through negations for local programming. Apple ...

24 hours ago from HotHardware

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Renders Reveal Camera Setup

There’s a lot of anticipation for Huawei’s upcoming flagship device – the Huawei Mate 20. The company is already dropping teasers for the handset and some leaks have revealed ...

18 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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You can play Alto’s Adventure on your Mac now

Everyone’s favorite endless, serene snowboarding game just made the leap from mobile to the Mac App Store. Available now for $9.99, Alto’s Adventure for Mac is a desktop port of ...

14 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Hulu Will Live Stream TV On Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show will now be able to do more than just being a visual interface for Alexa, the company’s digital personal assistant. Users will be able to make use of the device as a ...

19 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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