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Today’s AirPods launch underscores Apple’s latest AirPower misfire

Today, Apple finally announced its second-generation AirPods, most notably adding wireless charging to the popular headphones. Apple is even selling the wireless charging case separately, ...

13 hours ago from The Verge

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Dyson's latest handheld vacuum works smarter, not harder

The weather's warming up, which means spring is almost here. That heralds the cleaning out of musty apartments, students studying for finals and of course, allergy season. ...

11 hours ago from Engadget

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Amazon's new Kindle is under $100 and lets you read in the dark

Amazon has announced a new base model Kindle which features a front light, the first time the illumination technology has ever been implemented in an entry-level reader from the company.

17 hours ago from Techspot

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Second-gen Apple AirPods add speed, battery life, and hands-free "Hey Siri"

After an uncertain start, Apple's AirPods have established themselves as the wireless earphones of choice for a lot of iPhone users, and two-and-a-half years later Apple is back with ...

20 hours ago from Gizmag

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Leaked video claims to show Samsung's Galaxy Fold in action with a noticeable 'crease'

In a leaked video, a YouTube user shows off the phone folded and unfolded, but what stands out the most is a glaringly obvious crease down the middle of the extra large screen.

11 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Kaspersky Lab Hits Apple With App Store Antitrust Complaint In Russia

Security firm Kaspersky Lab has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in Russia over recent restrictions placed on the company's Kaspersky Safe Kids app for iOS. According to Kaspersky, ...

21 hours ago from HotHardware

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Apple rolls out pastel Watch bands and iPhone cases for spring

Apple has revealed new Watch bands and iPhone cases for spring, and they sure look like an explosion of colorful pastel hues to fit the season. You can now get an iPhone XS or XS Max ...

3 hours ago from Engadget

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Apple May Release New iPod Touch Tomorrow

It has been a while since Apple updated the iPod touch. Its last major update was back in 2015 and it had picked up far more functionality than its predecessors. However, it has been ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from Ubergizmo

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Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Attacks With Snapdragon 855, 12GB RAM, And Liquid Cooling

The first Black Shark gaming smartphone launched in April of 2018, and while not exactly svelte, the smartphone was powerful. Rumors circulated late last year that the Black Shark 2 gaming ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from HotHardware

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Apple’s Video Service Won’t Have Live Sports

Cord cutters are increasingly ditching their conventional cable packages in favor of online TV streaming services that offer greater flexibility at lower prices. Apple is going to compete ...

Tue 19 Mar 19 from Ubergizmo

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