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Recent patent filing could be a new Surface product

The Microsoft Courier, the mythical dual-screen tablet that provoked amazement and wonder…only to let us down by never being released. It was reported back in October that Microsoft was ...

20 hours ago from Techspot

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Patent talk: Apple looks at voice assistance in whispers

(Tech Xplore)—Tell us another one. If you are at all like the rest of us, you wish the Siri-caller conversation could just stop, because you are working in the next cubicle or trying to read ...

40 minutes ago from TechXplore

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BlackBerry PRIV Will No Longer Receive Monthly Security Updates

If there is one thing that BlackBerry is known for, apart from creating keyboard phones, is their security. At one point in time the company was used by businesses and governments due to their ...

11 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Stop sleeping on your cell phone, California warns

New guidance from the California health department warns that keeping a cell phone constantly close to your body could expose you to cancer and infertility-causing radiation.

15 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Xbox party chat is coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft has started testing Xbox party chat in the company’s Xbox mobile apps for iOS and Android. The beta Xbox app for Android is available immediately with the party chat support, ...

Fri 15 Dec 17 from The Verge

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They will know you by the flaws of your phone

Sorry, but your smartphone's camera isn't perfect. Its image sensor contains microscopic manufacturing flaws, which show up in its photos as tiny imperfections known as photo-response ...

16 hours ago from Gizmag

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Canary's security cameras will soon detect people

While Canary's security cameras can notify you when they detect something moving in your home, they can't differentiate between an intruder and your pet Fluffy doing zoomies. ...

Fri 15 Dec 17 from Engadget

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Theater chains are terrified of MoviePass because of subscribers like me

I see a lot of movies. I moved to the Bay Area from New York nearly five years ago, knowing not a single person living in San Francisco, and I found going to the movies to be a solitary, ...

18 hours ago from The Verge

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Synaptics has an in-display fingerprint sensor ready for your next phone

Component maker Synaptics says its first in-display fingerprint sensor is now in mass production. And it's coming to a phone made by one of the top five manufacturers in the world sometime ...

Tue 12 Dec 17 from Gizmag

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Review: Apple Watch Series 3 has LTE to stay connected without a nearby iPhone

Apple has conquered the smart watch market.

21 hours ago from Phys.org

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