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Apple pulls customer reviews from its online store

User reviews and opinions are part and parcel of most consumer items and generally reflect how a product fared in the market. Apple, which is well-known for its transparent approach towards ...

11 hours ago from Techspot

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Amazon Made Shelves That Automatically Reorder Low Office Supplies

Amazon loves to cook up new ways to make it easier for their customers to spend money. Their latest creation proves they’re not afraid to get a little weird. ...

8 hours ago from Geek.com

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Google flaw allowed hackers access to Android phones through camera

Issue made it possible for attackers to take photos or record video without owner's permission

Thu 21 Nov 19 from The Independent

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Trump wants Apple to be 'building' 5G. Here's why that's unlikely

President Donald Trump tweeted yesterday after a visit the manufacturing facility in Austin Texas where Apple's Mac Pro is made. His comments raised a lot of questions.

Thu 21 Nov 19 from CNN

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The Kindle Paperwhite is already at its Black Friday price

There's no need to wait to Black Friday to score top deals on Amazon, as one of their most popular devices, the Kindle Paperwhite, is currently at its lowest price.       

5 hours ago from USA today

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Smart Battery Cases For The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max Now Available

We had heard the rumors and seen some evidence suggesting that Apple could be working on Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11. Given that Apple had previously released Smart Battery Cases ...

Wed 20 Nov 19 from Ubergizmo

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Steam Adds A New Local Multi-Player Feature That Works Over The Internet

We have witnessed cloud gaming projects that you let you play remotely from your smartphone. However, Steam has added an interesting local multiplayer feature that expands its reach over the ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from Ubergizmo

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Cheap 5G phones won't come to the masses until these things happen first - CNET

Despite hurdles, the wheels are in motion to make the world's fastest 5G phones easier to afford.

3 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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YouTuber builds DIY version of Intel's dual-screen Honeycomb Glacier laptop

Hardware manufacturers are seemingly obsessed with displays. Whether its reducing bezels, rounding off edges, adding additional screens or experimenting with flexible displays, they cant help ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from Techspot

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SmartMicroOptics' Diple lens platform turns your smartphone into a microscope

Apple patented a lens mounting system for the iPhone back in 2014, but it never saw fruition. Regardless, plenty of companies have come up with attachments to add camera features to mobile phones, ...

Thu 21 Nov 19 from Techspot

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