This AI-generated sculpture is made from the shredded remains of the computer that designed it

AI art is having a moment. There are record-breaking auctions, artistic controversies, and debates about the nature of creativity But hereís something new: an AI-generated sculpture made from the ground remains of the computer used to design it. Itís the work of New York artist Ben Snell, and is currently up for sale at London auction house Phillips. Itís perhaps the third signification auction of AI art in recent months, but itís the first sculpture to go under the hammer. Christieís sold a printed AI portrait last October while Sothebyís auctioned a video installation of AI art back in March. Dio was designed by AI trained on hundreds of classical sculptures Snellís piece, named Dio, follows the basic methodology of these earlier... Continue reading…

Why this artist ground his computer into dust

After designing the sculpture using a machine learning algorithm, artist Ben Snell pulverized the device, mixed the dust with resin, and used it to cast the art that it had created. Artists ...

Fri 12 Apr 19 from Fastcompany Tech

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