Clarifying how artificial intelligence systems make choices

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning architectures such as deep learning have become integral parts of our daily lives—they enable digital speech assistants or translation services, improve medical diagnostics and are an indispensable part of future technologies such as autonomous driving. Based on an ever increasing amount of data and powerful novel computer architectures, learning algorithms seemingly approach human capabilities, sometimes even surpassing them. So far, however, it often remains unknown to users how exactly AI systems reach their conclusions. Therefore, it may often remain unclear whether the AI's decision-making behavior is truly intelligent or whether the procedures are just averagely successful.

How intelligent is artificial intelligence?

Scientists are putting AI systems to a test. Researchers have developed a method to provided a glimpse into the diverse 'intelligence' spectrum observed in current AI systems, specifically analyzing ...

Tue 12 Mar 19 from ScienceDaily

How intelligent is artificial intelligence?, Tue 12 Mar 19 from Eurekalert

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