Hackable implanted medical devices could cause deaths, researchers say

Medtronic, a manufacturer of pacemakers and implantable insulin pumps, wonít fix security vulnerabilities in its productsA range of implanted medical devices with nine newly discovered security vulnerabilities wonít be fixed by the manufacturer, despite the possibility that, if abused, the weaknesses could lead to injury or death.In new research presented at the Black Hat information security conference, a pair of security researchers remotely disabled an implantable insulin pump, preventing it from delivering the lifesaving medication, and then took total control of a pacemaker system, allowing them to deliver malware directly to the computers implanted in a patientís body. Continue reading...

Hack causes pacemakers to deliver life-threatening shocks

Researchers criticize device maker Medtronic for slow response.

Thu 9 Aug 18 from Arstechnica

Life-saving pacemakers could be hacked with malware

The manufacturer, Medtronic, is refusing to fix security issues

Fri 10 Aug 18 from Techradar

A New Pacemaker Hack Puts Malware Directly On the Device

Researchers at the Black Hat security conference will demonstrate a new pacemaker-hacking technique that can add or withhold shocks at will.

Thu 9 Aug 18 from Wired Security

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