Nouns to Blame for Sputtered Speech

Sometimes, whatís not there can be just as important as what is. Jazz is famously all about the notes you donít play, and Sherlock Holmes once solved a crime because of a dog that didnít bark. Scientists wanted to get in on that, so a paper appearing today in PNAS.†takes a look at the sounds we donít say ó or, at least, donít say as readily ó with nouns winning out as the biggest obstacles to quick, unobstructed speech. Itís the kind of insight that helps researchers understand specific

Nouns to Blame for Sputtered Speech

Tue 15 May 18 from Discover Magazine

Nouns slow down our speech

Speakers hesitate or make brief pauses filled with sounds like "uh" or "uhm" mostly before nouns. Such slow-down effects are far less frequent before verbs, as UZH researchers working together ...

Mon 14 May 18 from

Nouns slow down our speech, Mon 14 May 18 from ScienceDaily

Nouns slow down speech, which is why we utter a lot of Ďuhsí and Ďuhmsí before them

We're far more likely to use slow-down sounds before nouns than verbs.

Mon 14 May 18 from ZME Science

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