Pennsylvania wants more secure paper-backed voting machines, but canít afford them yet

Pennsylvania is the latest state to demand new voting machines that leave a paper trial ó a security measure to prevent against hacking. But, according to a report from AP, itís unlikely the change will be made any time soon. The directive issued by governor Tom Wolf was only for the state to buy paper-backed machines if and when they replace their current stock. And as the latest budget plan does not include money for this, itís not clear when the change will happen. Nevertheless, the news was warmly welcomed by groups demanding paper-backed voting machines to maintain the integrity of US elections. Marybeth Kuznik, an election judge and founder of VotePA, a nonprofit group opposing digital-only voting, told the AP that the order was ďa... Continue reading…

Pennsylvania requires paper trail on all new voting machines

Pennsylvania has taken a leaf out of Virginia's book and is now looking to replace its obsolete and vulnerable voting machines with more secure ones. A new directive requires counties ...

Sat 10 Feb 18 from Engadget

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