Virtual reality: Do you feel that wall?

Physical therapy often involves the use of a device providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation—TENS, for short—that uses electrodes attached to the skin to stimulate the muscles beneath. But virtual reality researchers have found an alternate use for the shocking technology: to let someone in a virtual…Read more...

Virtual reality: Do you feel that wall?

Wed 19 Apr 17 from TechXplore

Electric shocks could help VR headset wearers feel objects

A new Virtual Reality System that simulates walls by shocking the users' muscles has been developed by researchers at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany.

Mon 17 Apr 17 from Daily Mail

Walls in VR can now be simulated using electro-stimulation

Every few days it seems that developers and researchers are inching us closer to that Tron-like experience in virtual reality. About a week ago we reported on a VR technology that could translate ...

Mon 17 Apr 17 from Techspot

Researchers simulate walls in VR by shocking your muscles

Virtual reality is still a pretty crappy facsimile of The Matrix, but scientists are trying their best to fix that. At the CHI'17 conference in Denver, a team of researchers from ...

Mon 17 Apr 17 from Engadget

The Maestro glove will use advanced haptics to simulate the feel of virtual objects

As virtual reality catches on, companies are getting more creative in making the VR experience more immersive. The other day we reported on a device called the Mask that can sense your facial ...

Fri 14 Apr 17 from Techspot

VR haptic feedback hits a brick wall, thanks to new tech advancements

Haptic feedback could be the key to more immersive VR.

Tue 18 Apr 17 from Techradar

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