New JPEG encoder Guetzli sweetens image-heavy work tasks

Speed is everything on the internet, and as a general rule of thumb: the smaller the file, the faster it’ll load. To help with that, Google created a new open-source JPEG encoder that will purportedly reduce the file sizes of images while maintaining picture quality, allowing websites to load faster. The new encoder is called Guetzli — Swiss German for “cookie,” apparently — and according to Google, it can create “high quality JPEG images with file sizes 35 percent smaller than currently available methods.” The advantage to using Guetzli instead of a new format is that the images are still regular JPEG files, and so they’re still compatible with almost every browser and application that exists. Google has several other projects to reduce... Continue reading…

Guetzli Makes JPEGs Smaller

There is a lot of flexibility in how you can configure a JPEG file to best represent an image. Now Google's Guetzli can find optimum settings and so produce files that are up to 45% than other ...

Mon 20 Mar 17 from iProgrammer

Google says it can cut JPEG size by 35 percent with its new Guetzli algorithm, but our tests don’t back that up

Google claims that its new Guetzli software can produce JPEG files up to 35% than other available methods -- but our tests find only limited support for that claim. The post Google says it ...

Mon 20 Mar 17 from Extremetech

Google's new open-source image compression algorithm reduces JPEG file sizes by 35 percent

Google has developed a new open-source image compression algorithm that it says can reduce the size of JPEG images by 35 percent.

Fri 17 Mar 17 from Techspot

?Google works to make JPEG graphics smaller but not sucky - CNET

The Guetzli project shows there's room to improve the venerable compression tech. Too bad Google's software is slow and not so practical for most sites right now.

Fri 17 Mar 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Google Wants to Make Your Images Take Up Less Space

For years, Google has been trying to reduce how space images take up on the web. Most of those efforts have been based around its proprietary (and largely ignored by non-Google entities) WebP ...

Fri 17 Mar 17 from Gizmodo

Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%

New algorithm is based on human psychovisual system. Images look better, too.

Fri 17 Mar 17 from Arstechnica

Google's new algorithm shrinks JPEG files by 35 percent

For obvious reasons, Google has a vested interest in reducing the time it takes to load websites and services. One method is reducing the file size of images on the internet, which ...

Fri 17 Mar 17 from Engadget

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