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New gold standard established for open and reproducible research

A group of Cambridge computer scientists have set a new gold standard for openness and reproducibility in research by sharing the more than 200GB of data and 20,000 lines of code behind their ...

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Parents experience FOMO on Internet speak

If you tell your mum she's fleek, she probably won't get the compliment—social media is driving a rapid evolution of the English language that is leaving parents baffled, a study suggested Friday.

Fri 1 May 15 from

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Short science abstracts that avoid jargon and hype are cited less, study shows

When writing the abstracts for journal articles, most scientists receive similar advice: keep it short, dry, and simple. But a new analysis by University of Chicago researchers of over one million ...

Fri 1 May 15 from

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Online voting a step closer thanks to breakthrough in security technology

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have developed a technique to allow people to cast their election vote online - even if their home computers are suspected of being infected with ...

Thu 30 Apr 15 from

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Most innovations are rephrasings of past techs

Most new patents are combinations of existing ideas and pretty much always have been, even as the stream of fundamentally new core technologies has slowed, according to a new paper in the Journal ...

Thu 30 Apr 15 from

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'Ex Machina' explores humanity as much as AI

Sci-fi thriller delves into hubris and power relationships.

Sat 2 May 15 from ScienceNews

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Enron becomes unlikely data source for computer science researchers

Computer science researchers have turned to unlikely sources - including Enron - for assembling huge collections of spreadsheets that can be used to study how people use this software. The goal ...

Wed 29 Apr 15 from

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Motion capture on a whole new level

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES - Hanbyul Joo is working on his swing. But he's not at a baseball park, instead he's in a massive geodesic dome in the basement of a building at Carnegie ...

Wed 29 Apr 15 from Reuters

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The Trick to Cracking a Master Combo Lock in 8 Tries or Fewer 

Look, we all know that Master combo locks, which go for $4 a pop, are not paragons of security. But damn, this looks easy. In a new video, hacker Samy Kamkar demonstrates a dead simple trick ...

Wed 29 Apr 15 from Gizmodo

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Research advances security and trust in reconfigurable devices

A research team at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is studying a range of security challenges involving programmable logic devices – in particular, field programmable gate arrays ...

Wed 29 Apr 15 from

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