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Genome researchers raise alarm over big data

Storing and processing genome data will exceed the computing challenges of running YouTube and Twitter, biologists warn.

3 hours ago from Nature News

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What the dog-fish and camel-bird can tell us about how our brains work

You may have seen some of the "nightmarish" images generated by Google's aptly named Inceptionism project. Here we have freakish fusions of dogs and knights (as in the image above), dumbells ...

9 hours ago from

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Researchers help reconstructing the Michelangelo bronzes

Engineers and imagers from the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and anatomists from Warwick Medical School at the University of Warwick are helping Art historians from ...

Mon 6 Jul 15 from

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Doomsday Grants Will Advance Important A.I. Research

Machines have shown some impressive flashes of intelligence in recent years. Do we need to start teaching them right from wrong?Even if you don't fear the imminent rise of super-intelligent ...

Thu 2 Jul 15 from MIT Technology Review

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MasterCard pay by face verification to start as pilot program

MasterCard's Ajay Bhalla, President, Enterprise Safety and Security, has something to argue against sole reliance on passwords: "We want to identify people for who they are, not what they remember."

Sat 4 Jul 15 from

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This 3D-Printed Mechanical Toy Tank Is Nothing Less Than Amazing

3D Printing is slowly and steadily trying to make its move into the toy industry, and with this latest masterpiece created with the help of 3D printing technology leaves us wanting for more. ...

Mon 6 Jul 15 from Ubergizmo

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Encryption made easier: Just talk like a parent

Encrypting emails can be tedious, difficult and very confusing. And even for those who have mastered the process, it's useless unless the intended recipient has the correct software to decode ...

Fri 3 Jul 15 from

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SemanticPaint system labels environment quickly online

Ten researchers from University of Oxford, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Stanford, and Nankai University have presented a new approach to 3D scene understanding with a system which they dubbed ...

Fri 3 Jul 15 from

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See winning National Geographic nature photos snapped by kids

Photography stars as young as 9 get their winning images displayed at the Vice President's Residence in Washington DC.

Fri 3 Jul 15 from CNET Crave

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