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Artists create installation featuring 360 degree floating video objects

We have seen some pseudo hologram technology in action previously, like when Tupac appeared at Coachella in digital form or when the Michael Jackson performed at the Billboard Music Awards. ...

8 hours ago from Techspot

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Off with your head: Comic-Con stars virtual-reality thrills

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" gets a lot more real when you're Professor X searching for mutants on the Comic-Con floor. Hollywood's tapping Oculus Rift and virtual reality to make offerings ...

8 hours ago from CNET

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UConn makes 3-D copies of antique instrument parts

(AP)—Researchers at the University of Connecticut are using medical technology to breathe new life into some antique musical instruments.

Sun 27 Jul 14 from

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Three win inaugural Blavatnik prizes

U.S. foundation extends regional awards program for young scientists

8 hours ago from Science Now

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Google searches hold key to future market crashes

A team of researchers from Warwick Business School and Boston University have developed a method to automatically identify topics that people search for on Google before subsequent stock market ...

15 hours ago from

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Leatherdos hair clip doubles as a multitool

It's a spy movie cliché. The hero takes a bobby pin from the heroine's hair, and uses it to pick the lock on their handcuffs. Well, if she were wearing the new Leatherdos multitool hair clip, ...

13 hours ago from Gizmag

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A Made-For-TV Compression Metric Moves to the Real World

The Weissman Score, a metric created for HBO's Silicon Valley that rates the efficiency and speed of compression algorithms, is making its way into the real world

Fri 25 Jul 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Fove head mounted display expands possibilities with eye-tracking technology

Back in 2011, Google filed a patent for an unlock system for Google Glass that would use eye-tracking technology. Tokyo-based startup Fove believes the combination of a head mounted display ...

Mon 28 Jul 14 from Gizmag

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New algorithm identifies data subsets that will yield the most reliable predictions

Much artificial-intelligence research addresses the problem of making predictions based on large data sets. An obvious example is the recommendation engines at retail sites like Amazon and Netflix.

Fri 25 Jul 14 from

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'Skull Island' movie will explore King Kong's monstrous home

Legendary Pictures found a huge success in Godzilla earlier this year, and now it plans on turning its attention to another huge monster: King Kong. At Comic-Con today, Legendary ...

Sat 26 Jul 14 from The Verge

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