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Hacking the human brain—lab-made synapses for artificial intelligence

One of the greatest challenges facing artificial intelligence development is understanding the human brain and figuring out how to mimic it. Now, one group reports in ACS Nano that they have ...

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Adaptive cyber security decision support to prevent cyber attacks

Recognising the complexity of cyber attacks and the multi-stakeholder nature of tackling cyber security are the key components of a new data-driven cyber security system being developed by experts ...

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Using mathematical methods to study complex biological networks

Complex biological processes such as metabolism often involve thousands of compounds coupled by chemical reactions. These process chains are described by researchers as chemical reaction networks. ...

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Discrimination, lack of diversity, and societal risks of data mining highlighted in big data

A special issue of Big Data presents a series of insightful articles that focus on Big Data and Social and Technical Trade-Offs. Despite the dramatic growth in big data affecting many areas ...

Tue 27 Jun 17 from

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Geek Deals: Virtual Training Company Lifetime Subscription for 96% Off

Are you a Renaissance man or woman? Have a craving for a diverse selection of knowledge? Today’s deal from StackSocial is a perfect investment for you! For under 80 bucks, you’ll ...

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'Sword Scroll' reveals top tips for becoming a samurai

The Sword Scroll was translated into modern Japanese by Fumio Manaka, a master in the Japanese martial art of Kobudo, and then into English by Eric Shahan, a Japanese translator.

Tue 27 Jun 17 from Daily Mail

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Hey Siri, an ancient algorithm may help you grasp metaphors

Ask Siri to find a math tutor to help you 'grasp' calculus and she's likely to respond that your request is beyond her abilities. That's because metaphors like 'grasp' are difficult for Apple's ...

8 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Julia 0.6 Improves Type Handling

The latest version of Julia has been released with what has been described as a sweeping overhaul of the type system and numerous improvements to syntax and to the standard library. Read more...

24 hours ago from iProgrammer

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