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Two gov notices point to vulnerabilities in devices for heart problems

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued communications that cybersecurity vulnerabilities were found in some Medtronic devices. ...

3 minutes ago from TechXplore

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Bracing Medical AI Systems for Attacks

There’s new advice on how to handle tampering that fools algorithms and enables healthcare fraud

22 hours ago from IEEE Spectrum

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Researchers get humans to think like computers

Computers, like those that power self-driving cars, can be tricked into mistaking random scribbles for trains, fences and even school busses. People aren't supposed to be able to see how those ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from Medical Xpress

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FEMA Breach Exposes Personal Data and Banking Information of 2.3 Million Disaster Survivors

The Federal Emergency Management Agency may have put the personally identifying information of millions of disaster survivors at risk of fraud and identity theft, according to a recent report ...

17 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Apps sharing your personal data is 'routine', and sensitive health info is no exception

Want to keep your sensitive health info private? Think twice before sharing it with an app, research suggests.

Thu 21 Mar 19 from ABC Science

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ET Deals: Learn Spanish, Japanese, And More With Humble Bundle

Want to travel the world, and speak at least a bit of each local language? Right now, you can tackle eight languages with this week's Humble Bundle. The post ET Deals: Learn Spanish, Japanese, ...

23 hours ago from Extremetech

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Algorithm designs optimized machine-learning models up to 200 times faster than traditional methods

A new area in artificial intelligence involves using algorithms to automatically design machine-learning systems known as neural networks, which are more accurate and efficient than those developed ...

Thu 21 Mar 19 from TechXplore

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Short film showcases photorealistic environments in Unreal Engine 4

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 got plenty of deserved coverage at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC). In addition to a tech demo showcasing its abilities with destructible environments, photorealistic ...

Thu 21 Mar 19 from Techspot

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Learn to code with 80 hours of video tutorials for $39

Master Python, Java, SQL, Objective-C, and more. Learn to code with 80 hours of video tutorials for $39. You can master Python, Java, SQL, Objective-C, and more.

23 hours ago from Popular Science

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