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New method enables more realistic hair simulation

When a person has a bad hair day, that's unfortunate. When a virtual character has bad hair, an entire animation video or film can look unrealistic. A new innovative method developed by Disney ...

11 hours ago from

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New camera system inspired by animal vision

Scientists have taken inspiration from how animals' eyes work to create a new way for computer-controlled cameras to 'see'.

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Icelandic language at risk; robots, computers can't grasp it

When an Icelander arrives at an office building and sees "Solarfri" posted, they need no further explanation for the empty premises: The word means "when staff get an unexpected afternoon off ...

Sat 22 Apr 17 from

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Historians identify rare copy of Declaration of Independence in British archive

After discovering a highly rare copy of the Declaration of Independence in a small records office in the south of England, Harvard researchers were able to date the document to the 1780s, and ...

Fri 21 Apr 17 from

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Pioneering computer scientist Harry Huskey dies at 101

One of the last surviving members of the team that created the pioneering ENIAC computer in the 1940s has died. Harry Huskey was 101.

Fri 21 Apr 17 from

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Meet Hajime, the IoT Botnet Built to Vaccinate Your Devices Against Mirai

Built atop elements of the BitTorrent protocol, Hajime is an arguably gray-hat botnet with a few remarkable quirks in its code. The post Meet Hajime, the IoT Botnet Built to Vaccinate Your ...

9 hours ago from Extremetech

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Sharkspotter—a world first in shark detection

A world-first system developed by UTS is being used by Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver to identify sharks, raise alarms and provide greater protection for swimmers and surfers.

Fri 21 Apr 17 from

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HTC to fund the first VR satellite

HTC has announced the first round of winners of its VR for Impact program, which has earmarked US$10 million dollars for VR developers that support the United Nations Sustainable Development ...

Fri 21 Apr 17 from Gizmag

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Saarland University professor receives top research award for improved image compression

According to the statistics portal , the amount of digital data created worldwide in 2015 was about 8.5 billion terabytes. By 2020, the volume of data created annually will have ...

Fri 21 Apr 17 from

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US Navy cracks down on sharing of intimate photographs

The order comes after an investigation into the sharing of images of female marines on Facebook.

Fri 21 Apr 17 from BBC Technology

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