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A new Twitter bot helps track wildfires

2 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Ubisoft implements auto-ban system for 'toxic' players in Rainbow Six Siege

This news comes after Rainbow Six Siege players tweeted the official Siege Twitter account, wondering why they were banned shortly after using certain slurs.

Tue 17 Jul 18 from Techspot

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Mastercard targets major blockchain breakthrough

Blockchain payments could be easier than ever thanks to Mastercard

Wed 18 Jul 18 from Techradar

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Camps use facial recognition on kids, raise privacy concerns

Waldo Photos uses facial recognition technology to identify children at sleep-away camp and send photos of them to their parents. But some privacy advocates say this technology is too new to ...

Tue 17 Jul 18 from USA today

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LA Kings re-sign defenseman Kurtis MacDermid

The Los Angeles Kings re-signed defenseman Kurtis MacDermid on Sunday. The terms of the deal are two years and will have an average annual value of $675,000 at the National Hockey ...

6 hours ago from AXS

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New algorithm limits bias in machine learning

Machine learning—a form of artificial intelligence based on the idea that computers can learn from data and make determinations with little help from humans—has the potential to improve our ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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AI-based framework creates realistic textures in the virtual world

Many designers for the virtual world find it challenging to design efficiently believable complex textures or patterns on a large scale. Indeed, so-called "texture synthesis," the design of ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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Restrictions on research grant applications cause chaos

Mathematicians at the University of Kent, with input from the University of Sheffield, have established that current restrictions on academics applying for research grants are causing major ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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Researcher develops algorithm to improve information security tools

Cryptography is a science of data encryption providing its confidentiality and integrity. After cryptographic transformations (the basis of encryption algorithms) are applied, only users that ...

Mon 16 Jul 18 from

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