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Kickstarter suspends privacy router campaign

Kickstarter has suspended an anonymizing router from its crowdfunding site. By Sunday, the page for "anonabox: A Tor hardware router" carried an extra word "(Suspended)" in parentheses with ...

3 hours ago from

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Tailored 'activity coaching' by smartphone

Today's smartphone user can obtain a lot of data about his or her health, thanks to built-in or separate sensors. Researcher Harm op den Akker of the University of Twente (CTIT Institute) now ...

Fri 17 Oct 14 from

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Even the latest malware detection systems can be bypassed

Unwanted intruders are finding it more and more difficult to hack computer systems and networks thanks to today's advanced detection technologies. With the help of emulation-based technologies, ...

Thu 16 Oct 14 from

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This printer creates documents that self-destruct by bursting into flames

Ever wished you could create real messages that self-destruct, like the ones Inspector Gadget used to receive from the chief? Then you’ve got to see the printer that Diego Trujillo Pisanty ...

Thu 16 Oct 14 from

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'808' documentary details the rise of the legendary drum machine

Chances are you've heard Roland's iconic TR-808 drum machine at some point during your music streaming. While the name may not ring a bell, artists and producers have been using its trademark ...

Thu 16 Oct 14 from Engadget

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Security professionals build automated safe cracking machine using $150 in parts

Cracking a safe protected by a combination lock is typically reserved for skilled professionals or custom machines worth tens of thousands of dollars that are only sold to the military. A pair ...

Wed 15 Oct 14 from Techspot

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A tool enhances social inclusion for people with autism

The University of Alicante has developed, together with centres in the UK, Spain and Bulgaria, a tool designed to assist people with autism spectrum disorders by adapting written documents into ...

Wed 15 Oct 14 from Medical Xpress

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Only 58 percent of votes cast on tamper-resistant systems counted

A Rice University study of tamper-resistant voting methods revealed that only 58 percent of ballots were successfully cast across three voting systems. The researchers concluded additional work ...

Tue 14 Oct 14 from

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Feature-creep will ensure that systemd stays

Featured | Written by: Sam Varghese | Published in: Open SauceA few days back, the Debian project leader Lucas Nussbaum averred that the new init system, systemd, that has been made the default ...

Thu 16 Oct 14 from iTWire

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