Microsoft overhauls how it investigates office misbehavior

Microsoft employees have been using an internal message board to criticize the company’s pro-diversity efforts, referring to the hiring of women and minorities as “discriminatory” against white and Asian men, according to a report from Quartz. Microsoft has left these threads untouched, drawing criticism from other employees who feel the company talks up its diversity and inclusion efforts, but takes little meaningful action to reinforce them at a cultural level. The sentiments, some of which were shared in threads earlier this year and late last year, highlight tensions within the company at an especially fraught time. Earlier this month, women at Microsoft began sharing stories of sexual harassment and discrimination and claiming the... Continue reading…

Microsoft overhauls how it investigates office misbehavior

Microsoft is revamping its practices for investigating workplace allegations after a group of women shared stories of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Mon 15 Apr 19 from

Microsoft has its own James Damore situation as some employees question diversity efforts

Debate is raging at Microsoft after some employees questioned the company's push to recruit more women and minorities on an internal message board.        

Fri 19 Apr 19 from USA today

Microsoft's Satya Nadella outlines HR fixes after discrimination complaints, says report - CNET

Employees had protested the company's treatment of women following allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Mon 15 Apr 19 from CNET

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