SEC looking into Tesla after Elon Musk's tweets, reports say - Roadshow (page 2)

At first, everyone thought it was just a weed joke. “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420,” Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “Funding secured.” But it didn’t take long before that assumption went up in smoke. The news sent shockwaves through the financial system, with Tesla’s shares finishing up 11 percent. Less than 24 hours later, experts are still scratching their heads, wondering how Musk could pull off what could be the largest management-led buyouts in history. Taking a roughly $60 billion company private is a tall order, even for a CEO with a reputation for defying the odds. And doing it in the way Musk has laid out — creating some sort of “special purpose fund” in which current shareholders could keep their investments... Continue reading…

SEC looking into Tesla after Elon Musk's tweets, reports say - Roadshow

Musk may have moved too fast for federal regulators.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from CNET

Report: Feds investigating whether Musk’s buyout tweet broke the law

It's illegal to use misleading information to manipulate stock prices.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Arstechnica

U.S. SEC examining Musk's tweets on taking Tesla private: WSJ

U.S. regulators are examining how Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk announced his plan to take the electric carmaker private and whether his statement was truthful, the Wall Street Journal ...

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Reuters Technology

For Elon Musk, the worst part of a publicly traded company was the public

And that may explain why he wants to take Tesla private Continue reading…

Wed 8 Aug 18 from The Verge

Tesla board has met 'several times' to evaluate Musk's private idea

Members of Tesla's board say they've met 'several times' since last week to discuss CEO Elon Musk's proposal to take Tesla private at $420 per share - an announcement that has shocked investors. ...

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Daily Mail

Tesla board says Musk started going-private talks last week - Roadshow

So no, he didn't just wake up and decide to take the company private yesterday.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from CNET

A look at Tesla's nine-member board

Tesla Inc's board has said it is evaluating taking the electric car maker private, a day after Chief Executive Elon Musk surprised shareholders with the idea of launching the biggest leveraged ...

Wed 8 Aug 18 from Reuters Technology


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