Alaska’s last two Blockbusters are shutting down, leaving one in US

And then there was one. With the impending closures of Blockbuster locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, just one single store will remain in the country, Anchorage Daily News reported yesterday. The two locations in Alaska will officially close their respective doors on July 16, leaving just one location in Bend, Ore. “…it is sad to […]

Alaska’s last two Blockbusters are shutting down, leaving one in US

Remaining stores were still pulling a profit until their last gasp.

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Arstechnica

Alaska's remaining Blockbusters are closing, leaving only one store in the whole US

At the peak of its popularity in 2004, Blockbuster boasted around 84,300 employees around the world. There were over 9000 stores in total, including 4500 in the US. But the advent of broadband ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Techspot

Blockbuster down to one US store after Alaska closures - CNET

Oregon will be home to the only remaining Blockbuster from Monday.

Fri 13 Jul 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

Blockbuster is one store away from extinction in the US

Although it's well known that there aren't many Blockbuster stores left open, the announced closure of Alaska's remaining two outlets is a deathblow. Kevin Daymude, the ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Engadget

There’s one Blockbuster left . . . and it’s the saddest place in America

Two down in Alaska, just one to go in Oregon. And then there was one . . . .Read Full Story

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Fastcompany Tech

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