Uber investors seek to oust Benchmark after 'destructive' lawsuit: report (page 2)

The morning after one of Uberís biggest investors sued former CEO Travis Kalanick for fraud, a set of other investors said they wanted that investor out, marking another wild turn for the companyís leadership. Shervin Pishevar, joined by Ron Burkle of Yucaipa Companies and Adam Leber of Maverick, sent an email on Friday to Uber investors and leaders requesting that venture capital firm Benchmark Capital give up its board seat and appointment rights because of the complaint alleging Kalanick of gross mismanagement and other misconduct at the embattled San Francisco company. The group of shareholders, led by Pishevar, want Benchmarkís board representative to step down and the firm to divest at least 75 percent of its shares in order to... Continue reading…

Uber investors seek to oust Benchmark after 'destructive' lawsuit: report

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A lawsuit filed by investor Benchmark Capital against ousted Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick has raised the ire of three investors who on Friday asked the venture ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Reuters Technology

Investors demand key VC firm leave Uberís board in light of lawsuit

Yesterday, it was revealed that Benchmark Capital, an Uber investor with a seat on the company's board, is suing former CEO Travis Kalanick for fraud. Now, in an equally bizarre ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Engadget

In wake of lawsuit, Uber investors are now publicly sniping at each other

Shervin Pishevar, other investors worry of "escalation of this fratricidal course."

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Arstechnica

Uber shareholder group asks Benchmark to step down from board following Kalanick suit

 In what is rapidly devolving into an all-out brawl on the board of the world’s highest-valued private company, a group of Uber shareholders have asked the venture capital firm Benchmark ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

What was Benchmark thinking?

Fri 11 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

More Uber woes: Exec resigns, investor sues ousted CEO

DETROIT (AP) -- Uber Technologies Inc. faced a fresh round of turmoil Thursday, with its global operations chief resigning and a major investor suing the ride-hailing company's ...

Thu 10 Aug 17 from AP

Uber's Travis Kalanick sued by major investor Benchmark - CNET

Just when things couldn't get worse, they do. Board member and early investor sues the former CEO for fraud.

Thu 10 Aug 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Investment firm sues Uber's Kalanick to oust him from board

It has been only a couple of days since Uber co-founder Garrett Camp promised that former CEO Travis Kalanick would not be coming back to the company as CEO. Now Benchmark Capital, ...

Thu 10 Aug 17 from Engadget


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