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Elon Musk claims Tesla worker altered code on manufacturing system

In a company-wide email, Musk wrote the employee admitted his acts, and that he said he had carried out this sabotage as payback after being passed over for a position at the California company. ...

8 hours ago from Daily Mail

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GameStop is up for sale as video game market shifts online - CNET

It's because you're buying your games online.

6 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb halts trading after more than $31 million hack

The breach pushed Bitcoin prices down.

43 minutes ago from The Washington Post

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says family separations at US border are ‘inhumane’ and ‘need to stop’

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the United States border “inhumane” during remarks he made in Dublin on ...

11 hours ago from The Verge

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Audi names Abraham Schot as interim CEO, replacing Rupert Stadler - Roadshow

The temporary CEO will serve "until the circumstances surrounding Stadler's arrest have been clarified."

14 hours ago from CNET

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Study: Tax havens and limited regulation increase risk for shareholders

Some large, publicly held companies are incorporated in tax haven countries, ostensibly to increase value for shareholders. But new research from North Carolina State University and the University ...

11 hours ago from

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Xiaomi postpones plan to sell shares in China alongside Hong Kong IPO

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has shelved a plan to sell shares in China in conjunction with its imminent Hong Kong IPO. The company will instead go public in Hong Kong first and consider ...

18 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Japan start-up Mercari soars in first day of Tokyo trade

Japanese flea market app Mercari soared Tuesday as it debuted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a major success for the rare example of a Japanese "unicorn"—a start-up valued over $1 billion.

20 hours ago from

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UK debit cards overtake cash for first time: study

Cash is no longer king in Britain—and has been usurped by debit cards, thanks to rapid changes in technology and consumer behaviour, new research showed Monday.

Mon 18 Jun 18 from

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