Meet India’s starry dwarf frog — a species with no close relatives

The starry dwarf frog is an expert hider. Plunging into leaf litter at the slightest disturbance, it has successfully evaded attention for millions of years -- until now. The thumbnail-sized species, now named Astrobatrachus kurichiyana, was discovered in India's Western Ghats. It's the sole member of an ancient lineage, a long branch on the frog tree of life that researchers have classified as a new subfamily, Astrobatrachinae.

Meet India’s starry dwarf frog — a species with no close relatives

The newly identified starry dwarf frog represents a new species, genus and potentially even a new family.

Mon 18 Mar 19 from ScienceNews

Starry starry frog

New species, and ancient lineage, of frog discovered in India. Andrew Masterson reports.

Wed 13 Mar 19 from Cosmos Magazine

Newly discovered 'starry dwarf frog' wears a galaxy on its back, hides in dead leaves

On a lonely plateau in India's Western Ghat mountains , an ancient family of frogs has quietly hidden among the fallen leaves for millions of years, evading human detection.

Thu 14 Mar 19 from FOXNews

Newly Discovered 'Starry Dwarf Frog' Wears a Galaxy on Its Back, Hides in Dead Leaves, Wed 13 Mar 19 from Livescience

New ‘Starry Dwarf’ Frog Belonging to Bizarre Ancient Lineage Found in India

Scientists have discovered a new “oddball” frog species in India’s Western Ghats: Meet the starry dwarf frog, an expert hider that has remained off the grid for millions of ...

Tue 12 Mar 19 from

Hidden species discovered: India's starry dwarf frog creates new subfamily from an ancient lineage

A new frog species in India has been discovered with a unique skin pattern that makes it a master of camouflage and may explain why it escaped notice for so long

Tue 12 Mar 19 from Daily Mail


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