Bone cancer found in 240-million-year-old stem-turtle fossil

While many people think of cancer as a modern plague, researchers continue to find examples of tumors in animals much older than our own species. Discovery of bone cancer in a very early member of the turtle lineage, which lived 240 million years ago, reveals new information about the disease and just how long it's been a scourge to living things. The aggressive osteosarcoma was found in the femur of Pappochelys rosinae, a roughly 240 million-year-old reptile. Though you might mistake P

Rare bone cancer found in 240-million-year-old turtle

We're not all that different from the creatures with whom we share and have shared this planet.

Fri 8 Feb 19 from ZME Science

Cancer found in a prehistoric turtle that lived 240 million years ago

Experts from the Natural History Museum of Berlin identified the tumour in the thigh of a primitive animal known as a shell-less stem turtle.

Thu 7 Feb 19 from Daily Mail

‘Oldest’ Case of Bone Cancer Is Diagnosed in a 240-Million-Year-Old Shell-Less Turtle

Hundreds of millions of years ago, a shell-less turtle developed a malady in its bones.

Thu 7 Feb 19 from Livescience

Paleontologists diagnose 240-million-year-old proto-turtle with bone cancer

Researchers have discovered evidence of an aggressive malignant tumor in the femur of a 240-million-year-old proto-turtle.

Thu 7 Feb 19 from UPI

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