'World's oldest brewery' found in Israel

Beer was one of the very first drinks humans ever produced and it may be much older than we previously thought. The brew is generally thought to be about 7,000 years old, but now archaeologists have found clues that could date beer-making to almost twice that age, meaning it predates agriculture and represents the oldest record of man-made alcohol... Continue Reading Oldest-known beer is a 13,000-year-old vintage Category: Science Tags: Agriculture Alcohol Archeology Beer Drink Food History Israel Stanford University

'World's oldest brewery' found in Israel

Researchers believe they have found the world's oldest brewery in a prehistoric cave in Israel.

Sat 15 Sep 18 from BBC News

New evidence supports the hypothesis that beer may have been motivation to cultivate cereals

Stanford University archaeologists are turning the history of beer on its head.

Wed 12 Sep 18 from Phys.org

Traces of the World's First 'Microbrew' Found in a Cave in Israel

The world's oldest beer may have been brewed for a funeral 13,000 years ago.

Thu 20 Sep 18 from Livescience

Drink to old times: World's 'oldest brewery' is discovered in northern Israel

The site is located in the Raqefet cave south of Haifa in today's northern Israel that also served as a burial site for the Natufian people.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Daily Mail

Humans were brewing beer before they started growing cereals

The 13,000-year-old evidence is actually the first record of man-made alcohol in the world.

Thu 13 Sep 18 from ZME Science

Humans may have first grown grains for beer, not bread

Researchers have discovered evidence of beer brewing dating to 13,000 years ago, several thousand years before the cultivation of grains in the Near East.

Wed 12 Sep 18 from UPI

Humans brewed beer over 13,000 years ago

Stone mortars used for brewing studied

Sun 16 Sep 18 from The Hindu

A prehistoric thirst for craft beer

Evidence suggests that stone mortars from Raqefet Cave, Israel, were used in brewing cereal-based beer millennia before the establishment of sedentary villages and cereal agriculture.

Wed 12 Sep 18 from ScienceDaily


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