A closer look at '3.67m-year-old' skeleton

NewsThe paleontological detective work has been in process for 20 years, since a tiny ankle bone matched a tiny outcropping in a deep dark cave in South Africa. Now, the “Little Foot” fossilized skeleton – the most complete and oldest Australopithecus yet discovered – has been unveiled to the world.Staff Author: Seth AugensteinTopics: Archaeology

A closer look at '3.67m-year-old' skeleton

It took 20 years to excavate, clean and put together Little Foot, found in caves north of Johannesburg.

Thu 7 Dec 17 from BBC News

Little Foot skeleton unveiled in South Africa

One of the oldest and most complete skeletons of our ancestors is unveiled in South Africa.

Wed 6 Dec 17 from BBC News

After 20 years, researcher presents the most complete Australopithecus fossil ever found

South Africa's status as a major cradle in the African nursery of humankind has been reinforced with today's unveiling of "Little Foot", the country's oldest, virtually complete fossil human ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Phys.org

3.6-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Unveiled to Public

Wed 6 Dec 17 from National Geographic

Rare skeleton shown of human ancestor, 3.6 million years old

Researchers in South Africa have unveiled what they call "by far the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than 1.5 million years ever found."

Wed 6 Dec 17 from FOXNews

Rare skeleton shown of human ancestor, 3.6 million years old, Wed 6 Dec 17 from AP

Our ancient ancestor 'Little Foot' makes her debut

Little Foot's bones were discovered in the Sterkfontein caves outside Johannesburg in 1994 after foot and leg bone fragments were found from rock blasted from the cave by miners.

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Daily Mail

Little Foot, Australopithecus Marvel, Unveiled in South Africa

Mon 11 Dec 17 from Laboratory Equipment

Paleontologists reveal Little Foot, the most complete remains of an early human relative

After 20 years of careful excavation, paleontologists are finally ready to present the world's most complete Australopithecus fossil found to date.

Wed 6 Dec 17 from UPI


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